Monday, May 4, 2015

Listen To Your Dreams

YOU sit up with a jolt. Flinging back the covers, you see the sky outside is pitch, and you know it's dead center of night with no sunrise for hours. If you look at the clock, it will only remind you how few hours of sleep you have left. But it's 3:17AM and your heart is pounding. The to do list that is your life won't quiet enough to let you get the sleep you need.

Maybe you should listen to your dreams. If they've enough power to shout through the subconscious for you to hear them call in your awake world, maybe, pay attention.

There is no dream interpretation specialist you need to consult, not any quiz you need to take in a magazine to know what your dreams are telling you. WAKE UP, the message is plain and clear.

If you see yourself behind the wheel of a careening van, and it's no van you've seen before – not your British racing green Dodge with the extra foot of trunk space. This one is a maxivan and the predictable white, thank God not rusted out. You're speeding beyond the 55 mph posted on the road and you are flying over speed bumps, going too fast through residential streets. You try and look down at the speedometer but you're too scared to take your eyes off the road. Just as well, the numbers on there are unspeakable and far beyond the legally posted limits. The steering wheel doesn't feel tight enough to your liking, either.

What does it mean?
We all know. There are things you need a vacation from. Like everything. You can't afford a villa, though it would be more than amazing. No ten days in Hawaii, as much as you'd like. What you need is a break. Give yourself one. Do you really need to do the to do list? Isn't there, aren't there, a few things you can put off until next week?

Will the world crack open if you don't do the floors this week, vacuuming or bare wood. Swiping the kitchen counters, OK, go ahead – food germs and salmonella, but maybe scratch off dusting the book shelves. What's one more week of dust allergy red stoner eyes? You've got some spare Visine in the downstairs bathroom.

Let's keep asking the questions - do dinners have to be square? Why wait until Friday night for pizza... it might taste more delicious on a Monday night. Instead of scrubbing the toilets, how about this week we just squirt hand soap in the bowl and let the suds sit.  

Could your dreams know what you need? Is that out of control white maxivan saying STOP and you know how, you're the driver? I would say, yes.

My husband says merely, probably "It's that coffee you had at 10PM” and that's a possibility, I'll give you that.

But it feels a whole lot more 'just right' to take a vacation in the way I can give myself for zero dollars.

Today, my Belize can be found in the kitchen sink. The one that will be left to sit full of dishes while I put my feet up in the 20 minutes I have before I start picking up, dropping off, running to, and bringing back.
Ah, what a gorgeous sight it is from way over here on the sofa.
* * *
photocredit: Caye">">Caye Caulker, Belize
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  1. I just hope you're applying plenty of sunscreen...


    1. AH, yes, for this fine vacation from the dishes! ( I love you, Anna xo



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