Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Gift Thyself, Homeschoolers, During National Teacher Appreciation Week

May 4-8 is Teacher Appreciation Week. Time to let the special teacher in your children's lives know how much they mean to you. They have invested time, love, and care into your little ones and IF THIS HAPPENS TO BE YOU, homeschooling mom, then celebrate away!

Here are some suggested festivities for you to indulge in during your week:

1 Send your charges out to gather bouquets of springtime flowers for you. The Teacher's Floral Bouquet special. Cost: priceless, of course. After flowers are collected, have your pupils assemble the assorted mix in a manner that is grouped according to the color wheel, then by size congruence. Bingo. Now cross off Art and Spatial Relationships from your subject list today.

2 After flowers are artfully arranged and displayed, an accompanying card of heartfelt worship thanks--must be lettered, addressed, and delivered with a kiss to teacher. Yes! Check Penmanship, check Language Arts. This day is flying by.

3 If the weather is gratefully cooperating, extend recess to cover free time and Gym class. (teacher gets an extra half hour of coffee and emails). I hear no complaints.
4 Your students must prepare a lunch that incorporates the new food pyramid as well as work within limits of special requests. Such as, BLT on toast with bread only slightly browned, bacon crisp, and toast buttered to the ends. Skillset: Family Science and Team Work.

5 In celebration, end the day early. Close out festivities with Oral Comm and Composition class:  Topic: Thank You TeacherMom We Love You:

Work from this sample letter, to be read aloud:
"Mother, O Mother: our life begins and ends with you. You have taken us from mediocre to excellence, and the lessons learned along the way have been tempered with life long skills balanced with love. Thank you for your tutelage, for under your wing we have learned to read, write, perform mathematical skills, and have seen the reward of earnest work. We love you, TeacherMom."

And TeacherMom loves you.
*never mind that you taught them to read for the sole reason that upon your passing they will burst into sobs at the mere sight of a book because "'tis my dear mother who taught me to read."

  * * *

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