Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Rally for Mental Health

Postpartum Progress is running their 8th Annual Mother's Day Rally for Mental Health.

They will be posting every hour on the blog, featuring an encouraging and inspiring post by another ‪#‎WarriorMom‬ to give hope of recovery and strength today and all days.

You are not alone. Whether you are currently struggling or in recovery from postpartum depression, anxiety and perinatal mood disorder, these posts are written by moms who have been there, done this, and are willing to tell their story to help YOU.

Mothering is overwhelming when you are in the middle of ‪#‎PPD‬ ‪#‎anxiety‬ - If you feel alone, or know of someone who is struggling to find PPD community, please refer them to these posts.

Mothers need to know they don't have to suffer in silence or shame. Support and a community of acceptance and understanding is one of the best indicators of recovery.

You are never alone, and if you feel you are, please click to the Postpartum Progress website and find the support and community of those who know just what you're going through.

"What you see on social media—the perfect lives with the perfect postpartum experiences—they’re not real. What is real is YOU, and your love for your baby. It’s there, there’s a lot there in with you, too, but your love is THERE [read more here]... "

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