Sunday, May 15, 2016

Trump Does It

From here on in and forever, I will use any word I want to. Fashioned in any way that fits, because Donald Trump has been doing just this bigly style and America loves him for it. I have witnessed enough video footage of Trump pulling words out of his a** without consequence and this from a man running for President of the United States. Surely a mom of three who lives with a moral conduct of values and compassion will be cut some slack if the sole standing Republican candidate can scoff up word salad.

I will be mangling  increasing my vocabulary with any patched together mental quilt as I've heard them used by the Trump in high profile settings:

If Trump can be questioned about the situation and motives behind North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, and his recent threats against the US, and Trump can pronounce all judgments against Kim “politicional,” rhymes with fictitional, the word flood gates are loosed.

“What’s your take on Kim Jong Un's statements toward the US?”

Trump, with thumb and forefingers poised like a child's pincer-hold with chalk halves: "It's like everything else, *repeats believe me believe me for effect* politicional.”

Politicianal. So that's what our current nuclear war worry is, politicional.

And you know what? Interviewers do not even blink an eye with politicional, or bigly, or   Everything he makes up - it's all accepted as being tru-ey.

That's it, I've had it. I get tired of thinking too only I didn't know I could just say eff it and talk like an inebriated prospector. I'm going to be making up my own words too. Especially on the days we run out of coffee in this household. By the way, is it just me, or the older I get, the less ounces those barrel containers of ground coffee hold?
I digress, I will use whatever floats to my mind in cerebellar viscery from this day forward. What trips the tongue rolls out of the mouth.

I pledge from here on in and forever, you will hear more words from me than those flying around at a National Republican Conference. And I will do everything in my power to make this possible for overworked, overtired, overtaxed minds the world over.

This Free The Words movement is going to make things so much easified and plentitudinal for all of us. I, too, have greatominous ideas, but no fire braining power to have them spill out of my mouth.
But with Trump, that changes today, because language — or lack thereof — will no longer be the barricadawall it once was, putonifying stoppage to anybody's dreamvisions.

As Trump has proven with his wordimations, anyone can run for office.

But not everyone can politicionalize the bestly. And so I throw my hat in the ring today, and begin blogerizing with purposity.



  1. You'se gonna be the goodest at this! Somehow your words will still be beautiful I imagine! You'll be good, the best!

  2. Gasp! You're not drinking Maxwell House, are you?

  3. "But not everyone can politicionalize the bestly. And so I throw my hat in the ring today, and begin blogerizing with purposity."

    I want t-shirts made.

    1. Then they'd know we're on the Trump Train when I want to be on the Dumpf Truck!!

  4. Excellent wit, insight,& intellect!
    I'm writing your name on my ballet in November!



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