Friday, May 20, 2016

Parenting in a New Language

I don't want to say visit.

I don't want to have him only home for awhile.

I don't want to say goodbye after not enough time.

I don't want to until I'm blue in the face, and then I realize, it's me that has to do the growing up.

When you think it's your kids that need to stay the same, it's actually you that has to change.

I am proud to be on Grown and Flown with a collaborative piece with Peyton Price: "What Having A Kid Away in College is Truly Like."

"There’s nothing more discomfiting than a good long look at your college kid’s changing face. Is that a new haircut? Does she wear her glasses all day now? Where did he get that shirt? Is he filling out? Since when does her skin look so good? SOMETHING’S DIFFERENT [read more here]... "

* * * 

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