Sunday, May 1, 2016


After I read in the Madison cast for LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER, I knew I had to apply to bring LTYM to Milwaukee. Reading my words before an audience that day had me thinking of so much more that I had never envisioned for myself. That day six years ago forever altered the way I see who I am.

I wanted to be able to provide for others what LTYM had for me. I applied to bring LTYM to Milwaukee and when Milwaukee was given the show, I was thrilled.

And then I put my head in my hands.

How was I going to do this?
I've never done anything like this before.

I had never acted so strongly on an impulse in my life, but I knew that LTYM was a once in a lifetime chance to be part of something that would change my life and the lives of others: the ones reading, the ones producing, the ones in the audience, the sponsors, the families, so many relationships would become part of a community effort like LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER.

LTYM has grown to become my passion. We are four years running with LTYM in Milwaukee, and each year, I grow and learn. I think, I accomplish, I dig deep, and I am always in awe of what commitment to a community project like LTYM is able to do.

Over 100 producers and directors across North America, and now Canada have each taken their leap of faith into producing a LTYM show. Our casts across our cities this year number almost 500 readers.

Four years ago, when I asked myself what I had gotten myself into, I never thought this side of it: a labor of love, passion, relentless commitment and a tower of satisfaction built on the combined work of belief in our LTYM mission: To celebrate and validate the role of motherhood by giving it a microphone, in all of its complexity, diversity, and humor.

We empower through opportunity and we extend that support through financial contribution to local nonprofits by donating a portion of our show's ticket sales to support families in need. In total, our nationwide shows have raised over $80,000.00 to donate to non profit organizations.

Our 11 local storytellers today are fantastic!

We will be so proud of them and for them, when Milwaukee hears them today.

I am grateful to my co-producers Jennifer Gaskell and Rochelle Fritsch. Jenny is the inner workings of our show and Rochelle is the experienced voice who knows exactly how to move forward in any situation.

They have both made LTYM Milwaukee a beautifully crafted production.

We are thankful for our LTYM Alumni and their annual support of our shows.

We also are fortunate, to the MOON AND BACK, for our spouses and children and family and friends who sell tickets, stuff programs, escort our audience to their seats and unpack unload and carry and so much more that they do, because they know these shows are important to us.

And our most grateful than you to the founder and creator of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER, Ann Imig. You've given thousands of women a moment to feel how much they contribute to our communities.

Our national team of Deb Rox, Melisa Wells, Stephanie Precourt, and Taya Johnson mentor us with support and wisdom, we are grateful for your encouragement and guidance.

And more than anything, thank you to our audience who come to see and hear. Thank you for giving your time to listen to the experience of motherhood.

Tickets for our show today are available at the door. We take the stage at 3PM at Alverno College's Pitman Theatre.


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