Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beethoven Lives Upstairs

A little background info. here: I grew up with no music lessons, piano, dance, art, etc., or any enrichment otherwise. Not looking for pity here, just a detached statement of fact. So, this next posting is, to me, just evidence of the surprising beauty that one gets gifted with in life. Just as there are the downs, there are also the ups. Given the environment I grew up in, it is amazing to me--beyond my imagination amazing--that I am able to post something such as this. Please do not consider it bragging as much as it is a statement of awe coupled with sheer disbelief, though it is staring me right in the eyes.

I hear it from upstairs, but I still can't believe it. I am hearing it through my own ears, in my own home. My brain processes it as reality, but my soul tells me it can't be so.

From the upstairs bedroom, I hear our 14 year old son playing the piano that is in our front room. I know it is him, and that it has to be him, since he is the only one able to play the piano in our family. I've seen him sit at that piano daily. A piano that just 5 years ago a friend gifted to us. And he plays, and plays. All his favorites: Journey, ColdPlay, movie themes. I've seen his fingers play on the keys, so know it to be true.

But my soul tells me it can't be. How does a woman like me, get blessed with a child like this? A musical child, how does it happen? I've never dreamed it possible, even in my wildest dreams. Yet, it's so. So, though I'd like to have our greeting on our answering machine just be him playing, I know I can't. And though I'd love to tell everyone, from the bagger at the store, to the town librarian, "My son can play, I mean, he can really play!" I know I can't. I know society doesn't find that acceptable.

So, I find myself having to sit down on the bed upstairs, with tears of pride and disbelief springing to my eyes too quickly for me stop them. I let him keep on playing. I don't want to walk downstairs just yet.

I might break the spell.


  1. My favorite line is "it might break the spell". Beautiful!

  2. This is beautiful!! I grew up with piano lessons from the age of 3 on up. I actually enjoyed them very much, but decided not to continue as an adult because it required so much devotion and time. And I decided I liked dance better. My mom is a good pianist and she lives with us. She would very much love for my kids to learn. I would love it as well. But I also want them to pursue their own interests and not ones that I choose for them. So I'm waiting for them to decide before I enroll them in hard core anything yet. I love the fact that your son plays piano and enjoys it so. That is what I hope for! That they will choose a hobby/career/dream they want to pursue and love it deeply. What a lovely and brilliant writer you are!! I adore your posts.

  3. Thank you! How generous you are with your kind words. We began all the boys with piano lessons at age 5, but the oldest is the only one who keeps wanting lessons. The piano has added so much to the quality of his life.

    Began my day with a smile to see you here. Thank you

  4. Sweet! I know what you mean. It is amazing to think that this person you created is letting this gift flow from him. It amazes and awes you each time you hear it. My son has done the same thing with guitar. I don't know where he got it, but I am in awe each and every time he plays, which he does willingly because he loves it.

  5. This would melt my heart. I, on the other hand, was brought up in a home where both parents played instruments and my father sang. And my childhood piano sits collecting dust, because neither of my kids had any interest at all in learning an instrument. And I didn't push, even slightly, but now I wish that I had just a bit...



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