Friday, March 12, 2010

I Need A Hero

While at the park a few summers back, the following actually happened to me. No kidding. I couldn't make this up, as a matter of fact, I'm thinking of starting the "I Couldn't Make This S**t Up Club," seems like I'd get a lot of members. Just the other day my friends and I were saying that very same thing, but that'll make another post. For now, the story:

I'll try to stay on subject, but my ADD tendencies are in high gear today..easily distractible. (oops...I'll be right back, I see some dust on the piano that's driving me nuts...) So, the story: I'm at our small town park, and it's a beyoooteeful day, and I mean all the way around beautiful: blue sky, birds chirping, a balmy breeze, baby emperor is with me, and I'm pushing him as high as can be on the swing, into the summer sky. He's trying to touch the tree branches ahead with his little, royal toes...I'm singing a sweet, little song (the song is sweet, not my voice..but he doesn't know this )to him that my grandmother used to sing to me, it goes like this: "arooroo, mi nino, que tengo que hacer, laver los panales, y hacer de comer..." On and on, and we're happy, and smiling, and of one heartbeat blah blah blah......

*cue needle scratching across record* riiiiiiiiiiiip

Nasty Lady in Park: "...Ooooh, you're singing so nicely to that child, I'm wondering, are you ever free to babysit? I mean, are you able to babysit for others?"

The Empress: "Whaaaa.....?" (cuz I'm mentally quick like that...)

NLinP: "Oh, I'm sorry...I thought I heard you speaking in Spanish to the little guy. I thought you could babysit sometime for me.."

The Empress: "I was speaking in Spanish, but I am his mother and..... Wait a minute.....did you think I was his nanny because I was speaking in Spanish?"

NLinP: "Come on, Courtney and Aeden, you never who is in the park these days."

I need a hero, to swoop down on those days, and right what's wrong, and give all those that need it a "what for" and to never forget it.


  1. I knew it! I knew they thought you were the Nanny. So wrong. So very wrong. I bet your voice is prettier than you think.

  2. WHAAAAAT? People are so incredibly ignorant sometimes.

  3. OMwCW: I know...I the year 2010. Unbelievable..xoxoxo



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