Friday, March 26, 2010

Verrry Interesteeng....

Welcome to Day 2 of Beautiful Blogger Award 1/2 Week! To recap, yesterday's post thanked the awesome bestower of the award, Dusty Earth Mother. The award's rules state that I am to disclose 7 interesting things about myself. That happens here, today. Tomorrow, I share 7 awesome beautious bloggers I love, inside and out. Thought I was joking with ya when I said it'd take me 3 days to cover all the ground that comes with this honor. I'm all about the rules....

Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way, makes the thought provoking statement: " I would disagree with those who say we cannot change the past. We can build on it, transform it, utilize it, learn from it, heal it." Our lives are what make us who we are. The life I've had, has led to the following list of quote unquote interesting facts about me.

You know, I just have to say, Beautiful Blogger Award or not, after beginning this post, I think that everyone should sit down and write 7 interesting things about themselves. Examine yourself, and look at the list that makes up some of who you are with new-found wonder---it really is kind of cool to see all the things that are you.

At first, when I sat down and froze at having to come up with SEV-EN interesting facts about myself, I just didn't know which direction I wanted to go. (I've always over analyzed like this.... my expensive friend friend called it "rumination." Yeah, google it if you must: it's a real clinical term...) Anyway, I came up with this awesome idea: I'd ask people who knew me, what the interesting things were about me. Try it, it's actually a lot of fun. And pay attention, there'll be a quiz tomorrow. Here's what they suggested:

Interesting Fact#1.) I asked my friend, Carol: "Well, I'd mention that you're Colombian. That's interesting." It is. I am. So, now knowing this, you'll have to read my posts "weeth a leetle beet uff a espaneesh ahccent." Of course, Gloria from Modern Family

IF#2.) Dug around with my friend, Donna: " Hmmmm... I think it's that you're funny. You don't look like you would be, but you are." I didn't ask her to go into detail about that too much, sometimes you just gotta take 'em and run.

IF#3.) Checked in with my friend, Breda: "You are a fantastic cook. It doesn't seem that you would be, but you are." Again, see the theme of me not seeming to be what I am? I'm kinda getting curious here....but not curious enough to ask. Yet.

IF#4.) According to my 3 sons: "Mom, you are so smart. We used to think you were a scientist. (yeah, I know, "used to?", what happened?) You know something about everything." As the saying goes, If you can't Dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with...well, you know the rest.

IF#5.) This one comes from me. I work for my best friend, who owns and runs a fabulous, over the top catering business, and though the hours are late, I love preparing food for a living. These late hours make it possible for me to be home during the day, and homeschool our children. Throw in the fact that I'm a bit of a nosey-rosey and I now get to go into people's houses? Awe-some.

IF#6.) I could make a living as a Celine Dion impersonator. No Lie. Just strap a harness to either of our chins, and we could plow your back 40.

IF#7.) In college, I was a chichi lala cocktail waitress at the hotel, called the Pfister, for entertainment that came to town. I worked at the private bar for these guests, on the top floor. You needed a key to ride the elevator up. I have autographs from Boy George, Red Skelton, Helen Reddy, The Talking Heads, Michael Jordan, Phil Collins, blahblahblah, and was called a smart ass for addressing Adam Ant (you might have to google Mr. Ant...) as "Mr. Ant", but what would you have called him???

*BIG ULTRA-BONUS IF*: I worked with autistic children up until 1995 B.C. (before children). I quit working when our first child began developing serious food allergies and asthma. I couldn't leave him home with anyone but me. As often times has happened in my life, what seems "bad" has worked out for "good", I have since stayed home to be with our other 2 children. We decided to homeschool them, due to the serious allergies and health issues. And I have LOVED it. What gives me goosebumps, is that I never would have chosen this as my life: to be a homeschooling mom, if this way of life hadn't been "chosen" for me.

Now that was supposed to be for you, but it was really fun for me to do. And, this post made me think about how interesting every one of us is. I would sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, love to learn one interesting thing about you (said in a loving tone, not a sarcastic one as in "try and find one interesting thing about you" ...) So, please leave some info. on you below, because it would For reals. Oh, and one more thing, thank you, sweet Shari!

Tomorrow, the blogging lovelies I'd like you to meet.


  1. Wow, Empress! You COOK for a living? How cool are you? I would love to do that. I already knew you were smart but there are things that I've learned such as... I'm assuming that your resemblance to Celine Dion is a physical one and not a singing one? And you taught autistic kids? And you're Colombian? Good stuff, good stuff.

    And you're so very welcome, sweet Empress.

  2. Wonderful DEM: Celine Dion and I were test tube babies together...we are dabsmack twins. As for singing, as soon as I even look as if I may open my mouth for any purpose AT ALL, the kids plead for me to turn on the radio. But, absolute physical twins, chin and all, we are (in yoda speak just for your pleasure). In the catering kitchen, I have Celine Dion talking her game of World Domination to such a degree of convincement, that all staff present there have to cross their legs while I do it (since we've all had 3.5 kids each and thus no bladder control left to speak of.)

    Thanks for the visit, doll!! xoxobigkisslittlekissbigkiss

  3. Wow I loooove Gloria too..I transformed my head on her body in a post a few weeks back ..check it out if you like..I gave myself the Gloria award..I think you're very interesting...I would love to see your Celine Impersonation...I think its great that you homeschool too..!

  4. Oh! fantastic! Another Gloria lover. What's your favorite line? Mine is, when she's at Manny's soccer game,and she offers to take the other soccer mom "out." I love her....good to see you!!!

  5. This is a great list! I just followed your blog from "Obnoxious S.A.H.M" and will be back for future reading. :)

  6. Thank you, Joy: you're so sweet. I'm off to visit you now...thank you for stopping.

  7. Loved reading your list! I attended a wedding at the Pfister almost ten years ago -- lovely place, if only I had had access to VIP cocktail space though.

    I bought The Artist's Way about three years ago, and one of these days I plan to do it and produce something fabulous. Great quote from Julia Cameron.

    How cool that your life chose you and that it makes you so happy!

  8. Thank you for the sweet comments, Mep. How are you doing???

  9.!!!! You ARE fascinating. Like I already thought so of course. But that was a lot of fun learning all those details about you. And I'm totally impressed that you cook for a living. I'm really coming over for dinner now!

    PS Sorry I've been MIA the past few days. Book deadlines kicking my royal tushie right now. Will be back in full force soon:) In the meantime, please know how much I heart you and your super uber fab bloggie!!

  10. Hola! I am just reading some of your old posts, looking for the one about the big behind (hee hee). This is sooo interesting, and funny!! It is very interesting to read about a friend after you've become friends ;-) I didn't realize you are a caterer! and that you had met Boy George (oh how I used to love him!)! and that you are Colombian! Yo naci en Peru, pero me olvide que se habla espanol (???)! Oh, and btw, you are WAY more beautiful than Celine Dion!!



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