Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's In The Genes

My short husband and I were on a homeschooler field trip yesterday (short husband aka my 7 yr old son, as in, with me 24/7 and always up in my bidness). Throughout the field trip, a certain "concerned" mom kept asking us, "how are you enjoying the field trip?" "Fine, " I would keep responding, although I'm sure my eyebrows became more and more knitted together into a unibrow, as I tried to determine why such interest in our enjoyment of this field trip??? At the end of the field trip, she again asked, "how did you enjoy it?" I wanted to just shout, "What the F already...enough about the field trip, ask what you want to ask..." What magic answer was she waiting for? What information was I supposed to be reading into her question? Why her obsession with the enjoyability factor of this fieldtrip??? But, instead, I took a deep breath, smiled tightly and answered, "fine."

On the quiet ride returning home, my young son abruptly thinks out loud from his car seat behind me, "I wonder why people don't just say what they mean, like, instead of keeping on asking us how we liked the field trip, why didn't that lady just say whatever it is she really wanted to say.."

Exactly, Padawan, exactly.


  1. What do you think she really wanted to ask? Maybe if you were the nanny? hee, hee...

  2. What kind of field trip was it? And...did you enjoy it? Hehehehe.

  3. Dear OMwCW: it was a homeschooler's field trip to a pizza factory. And all I can think, and Padawan thought it, too, is that we were stealing the pizza screens from the demos??? Who knows...xoxoxo



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