Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hoarders 911

BABY E: "Mom, can you find a place for all those pizza mixes you accidentally bought?"

ME: "I will, honey, I just have to clear out the cereal cabinet first."

BABY E: "If you don't do it soon, Mom, then you'll be a repulsive hoarder."

ME: "I think you mean an impulsive hoarder."

BABY E: "Yeah. They call that "serious." Like, you keep Christmas ornaments in the shower and stuff."

ME: "O.K., honey, I'll take care of it."

Hoarders is one of my guilty pleasures: I know I shouldn't watch, but I can't help it. Pictures from their photo gallery, like the one above, just make me feel better about my pizza mix situation. A & E counts on weak people like me. Perhaps Baby E shouldn't be sitting on my lap while I watch???


  1. HA! Gigi said that I would like you! She has great taste!

    I love your line about friends & therapists! Classic!

    Now, I'm following & looking forward to more of everything you've got!

  2. Yeah, I think you might should record it an watch it when he's asleep...for sure.

  3. Good thing Baby E is there to keep things in order! ;-)

    I haven't watched the A&E show yet, but back in Japan they had a regular show on it. I'm pretty messy but couldn't believe there are others out there who are worse. Still, it scares me a bit that I could be just a missed neuron or two from possibly becoming a hoarder someday. Yikes.

  4. OMG... I love me some hoarders watching. That and Intervention. There might be something wrong with me...

  5. Good thing Baby E is there to keep things in order!

    I have yet to see the show, but back in Japan there had been a weekly show on the same thing. I'm messy but I am shocked there are others who are worse. How do they find these people, do you know? Do they advertise like they do for David Letterman tix? Anyway, it does scare me that I could be just a missed neuron or two away from becoming a hoarder myself.

  6. repulsive hoarders?! also I love that you have a cereal cupboard!

  7. I LOVE that show. Seriously, I get a full on anxiety attack and MUST clean my house while watching.

  8. Blame it on the blog. I don't know how anyone with a blog has time to clean! I should take a picture of my dining room and send it to you - it's quite a sight.

  9. This was a great story on NPR about hoarding - one woman was in therapy and said that she was making progress because the had made a path through her living room and no longer had to sleep in her car!

    Makes the cereal cabinet look like small potatoes.

    Here's the story

  10. ha! i just filled like 10 garbage bags kids hate it when i get like that. i am the opposite of a hoarder. i am a compulsive garbage bag user person. ;)

  11. I love the throw stuff ( I really want to use another word here) away. Can't wait to get rid of the clutter. It feels so amazing. You must do it. It is in keeping with your royal stature. Throw the crap away and buy new crap.

  12. Oh my goodness, I pretty much feel the same way! I find purging cathartic, not that I actually do it enough, haha.

    And I think how-to videos are pretty much an amazing idea!

  13. Repulsive hoarder...oh that Baby E is so funny!

    Thanks for you for your kind thoughts for GG. She's doing better today!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

  14. I am such a purger so watching this show makes my toes curl.

  15. Oh wow. I should watch that show, too, to scare me into action, but we haveth no cable or satellite. Hey, when you have boys that eat you out of house and home, you need to horde food! It's not like it's going to go bad, lol. If it's not nailed to the floor, my guys are going to eat it. Probably #1 and #3 more so than #2. But it's going.

  16. I'm a HUGE Hoarders fan! About six months ago, it scared the crap out of me so much that I went on a rampage and cleaned out all of our closets, cabinets, etc and purged a ton of stuff. I'm a packrat (not like the people on Hoarders) so I was thinking "Crap! I gotta get rid of all this or that will be me"!!

  17. I love that show that bad...!..Im not really sure why I just am so intrigued with the psychology of it...not that I necessarily agree with that as a diagnosis... but it certainly makes my house look daughter calls me a hoarder because I have stuff on shelves...she is a minimalist...I must be a "much"amalist

  18. You ain't seen nothing til you've seen my dad's collection of canned beans. He is fully prepared for WWIII. Repulsive hoarding at its best.

    As for guilty pleasures on TV, I hear you. I'm lucky that "Jersey Shore" comes on too late for my son to learn the word 'guido.'

  19. I hate to say this, but when I saw that picture, I thought that was YOUR kitchen! Oh my, glad it wasn't!

    Never watched that show, but I think if I did, I'd have a coronary---I'm a self confessed neat freak/organizer. That show would send me to an early grave!

    happy Friday!

  20. I'm not the best housekeeper but I'm not a hoarder (I don't think I am anyway) My hubs is Mr. Organization. So...I love it when my husband comes home from visiting someone whose house is worse than ours, and thanks me for being such a good housekeeper. Like that's my job!

  21. that is funny, I have seen that show and threaten my family with it!

  22. I love the hoarders! And you're absolutely right, it does make me feel better about myself.

    I just wish they had a show called the "unwrappers". That way I'd maybe feel less anger thanks to all of the unwrapped cookies, crackers, breads, chips in my pantry that no one ever seems to have left in that state. Hmmm.

  23. I cannot take my eyes off of Hoarders and it is On Demand too!

  24. Miel: I love finding out about you today. I've referred a couple people over there for your awesome bookblog hop! What a great thing! Thanks for stopping

    Lisa: I think you are absolutely dead on right. Kinda traumatic to see those messes.Didn't know how much he was absorbing.

    Only You: Hoarders can be scary. It puts me in "action mode" that's what they call it on the stage. You're supposed to get up and act when you feel in "action mode."

    Pamela: what is it about some people loving watching a train wreck? Think there's more of us?

    Mombshell: Yeah, I buy cereal when it goes on sale. Gotta spend money to save money, you know? My husband says it's still just spending money and tying up your money in inventory. Whatever, dude. I save you 10 bucks on 5 boxes that way.

    Lucky Dame: the same thing happens to me, that's really the reason I watch it. I get "scared neat."

    Mrs. Mayhem: Nothing scares me. I live with 2 teenagers.

    MWB: isn't that incredible?? I saw one where the woman slept outside in a hammock b/c she couldn't find her bed!!!! It was on NBC, and it's online, called "in my mother's garden" beats the heck out of 10 Hoarders episodes!

    PMC: I LOVE getting rid of stuff. Helps me feel so peaceful. Better than a glass of wine on an empty stomach. *sigh*

    Terry: I absolutely LOVE throwing stuff away. The less the better.

    The New June: order makes me feel so good. Don't even need my meds on a day when things are all nicely folded. I love me those how to fold fitted sheets type videos, too.

    What's 4 dinner: Glad Gram is doing better!

    Kingsmom: I think that's why that show does so well. It is like a horror movie

    Alisha: absolutely, watch the show. You will change your ways. Scared neat, I tell ya.

    Natalie: that show scares the crap out of me, and scares the crap out of my house...literally.

    smARtee: I know, makes me keep my house neat, too.

    Flying chalupa: oh, do a post on it! It would be so great...

    katie: oh em gee, no! My kitchen is always clean. Always. I'm kinda like's those dang pizza mixes I ordered by mistake cuz I didn;t read that 4 came in a package, and I ordered 12 packages. Do the math. They're the bane of my existence lately.

    Connie: I like the show for that very same reason. If feel like I"m alright, not perfect, but certainly Hoarders wouldn't give me a second look. pffffft.

    Tracy: ha! Funny. The kids threaten ME with the show. I spring into action when they say,Mom, this looks like a hoarders episode. YIKES! That's all I need to hear!

    JoAnn: I say, blog on that idea! Hilarious!!

    Holly: we are twin sisters of different mothers. Come over, I'd love to go back and forth and do commentary with you. What could be more fun????

  25. That show fascinates me. As does the one on TLC about hoarding. The day after I watch either of them, I immediately clean out closets and cupboards.

  26. lol. the only thing i hoard are my books...i have boxes and boxes...

  27. Yeah, you can't open any cupboards or closets in my house without being preferredmethod of reclosing is a good swift kick...or ten...very satisfying!! There's no shame to be had, we don't judge here!!


  28. Phew, thank goodness you explained that wasn't actually your kitchen...was starting to get kinda worried!
    I used to watch Hoarders too, but I just can't lately, makes me waaay too anxious. Tonight, my husband took down this painting that had been hanging in our kitchen for years & the dust it had collected behind it? Made my breathing all constricted & felt very lightheaded. Or maybe it was the chardonnay!

  29. I just love Baby E's lines! I think maybe he has it right too, as if you hoard things for too long it most definitely becomes repulsive!

  30. I'm a closet Hoarder fan. It's hard not to watch sometimes.

    But for the record, how many pizza mixes did you buy ;-) Kidding.

    Thanks for stopping by. Please come back again soon. I'll do the same.... right after I watch Hoarders on TiVo.


  31. My Room looks just like that. Its nice to know I am not alone...:)
    Repulsive Hoarder? Baby E rocks. Great lines.


  32. I've only seen it once and wowo...I don't feel so bad about my clutter

  33. Watched some Hoarders last night as a matter of fact.

    Spent some time this morning throwing shit away.

  34. Hoarders is amazing and terrifying. Love it.

  35. Please stop taking pictures of my kitchen and posting them on your site! I'm so embarassed.



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