Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 7 of the Blogoversary- Things I Learned From The First Year of Blogging

Day 7-- How did I ever live without her?
Day 7 of Blogoversary Week.

How ever did I live without this lady in the green skirt? She's my friend. (shuttup. I have attachment issues-- I have saved all my babies' toothbrushes.)

As much as I hate to see her go, it soon will be time to send her on her way. She has served me well this week. She'll be here yet to Shake It Shake it and announce the giveaway and to reveal the surprise post Saturday.

I felt that a celebration of one year of blogging needed a post on "What I've Learned In A Year of Blogging." When I began the draft of this topic, my notes filled 3 pages of my notebook.

Either I learned a lot, or I didn't know a lot.

You decide. No hurt feelings.


Blogging will take so very much more time in your life than you could ever imagine. So.Much.More.

Computer time is not the same as Real Time. One hour of computer time is equal to about 15 minutes in real time. Take into consideration all the freeze ups, load time, jumping across media: FB, twitter, your blog, other blogs, email, skype. Plan for that, and it'll reduce the stress of trying to get it all done.

You will talk to people you never dreamed you'd talk to.

You will become frustrated at how disinterested your non blogging friends are in your blogging existence. (", yeah, wow. 10,000 tweets?, right? I mean, that's good...right?")

You MUST get to know more experienced bloggers who will explain to you things like the "super nice" lady who keeps emailing you to ask if she can use your blog for a guest post on her felted purses that you're trying to remember just how and when and where you know her from, is really not a super nice lady looking to do a guest post on purses at all. No, she wants to use your blog as FREE ADVERTISING FOR HER PURSES. Especially when she "found" your blog right after you did a post on "Pursey Galore."  [Thanks, Lori...I can't believe I was actually emailing her back and forth with "Hi! Good to hear from you again!"]

Be prepared for public displayS of humiliation. DisplayS with a big S at the end, since there will be many. You will tweet yourself, you will thank yourself for the follow, you will send a DM instructing someone else that "see, this is a secret between you and me DM, cool, huh?" and it actually won't be a DM. You will have 500 people on twitter call your attention to it--they'll be like ants to a dropped popsicle. To tell you-- in case you didn't notice. That you sent a tweet and not a DM.

You will receive a negative comment, or two, along the way. The first one will kill you. The second and third ones, you'll just delete, and won't even flinch.

People around you will say the words "blogging addiction" like it's a bad thing. I think of it as "blogging connection."

You will gain the blogger butt. And I don't mean powerful glutes developed from long hours of sitting.

Don't let the size of someone's audience, number of comments, or accomplishments intimidate you. I'd guess that 70% --no, 80%--of the contact that I've initiated with established bloggers, has been returned.

You will LOVE the people that you meet from blogging.

You will be grateful for the opportunities and doors to friendships that blogging opens up for you.

You will LOVE blogging more than you could have thought possible.

You will wonder where all the stories in your head used to go.

Blogging will make you walk a bit taller, smile a lot more, and will strengthen you for life's battles with your secret online corps of friends that are very real.

You will become a more interesting person, who will know so very many little this and that things...just enough things to keep dinner conversation with your family flowing. And lively.

Do not determine the worth of a post based on whether it was comment heavy or not. You posted it because you had something to say. That is enough.

If you follow someone, and they don't follow you back, do not decide to unfollow them based solely on that.  Do you enjoy their blog? Does their writing make you smile? Does their writing push you to do more with your posts? Do you look forward to what they have to say? Do you learn something each time you visit?

If yes, then why stop? I have been following one blog, (actually, more like 4), commenting every time they  post, for a year now. I laugh every time I am there. I think these bloggers are exceptionally bright, clever, witty, and very talented.

They have yet to visit me, or reply back. Will I stop visiting them? No. I gain too much from my visits there. They make me a better blogger, plus, I'm a humor junkie...and they are among the best. Always delivering. Their comment counts tops out at 13. But, to me, they are Stellar.  I will keep following them. 

Do not be offended when someone you are faithful to visits you sporadically, but you see this blogger on a daily basis at other blogs. Even if they are your bloggy crush. Be a big girl and realize that this blogger has her daily favorites, and you may not be on that list of what she needs to get in that day. Or she has a relationship with the blogger she visits daily. Or she just doesn't have enough hours in the day. The point is: DO NOT take it personally. People don't purposely shun us, they have their agenda, their daily list of "must do" and "never miss."

Just like us.

Taste is subjective. We can't be everything to everybody. Some people will love us, some people will think we are only meh. You have to be Okay with that. Not everyone loves Benecio Del Toro [though I canNOT for the life of me ever understand that one.]

Make peace with that fact of life. Not everyone is going to be crazy about your blog. I've gone online and read community forums that call themselves "I Hate So and So Big Blogger." Now, this big blogger sees $850,00 a year from blogging and gets 20,000 comments per post... do you think she focuses on those that create an online group saying they hate her? Probably not.  You be the same. [not hate her, I mean, be grown up about it].

Make commenting easy. I'm sure lots of my comments have been lost because I don't go back and check if I did the word verification thing. I comment, hit publish, then X out. I NEVER go back and check if it went through. 

Respect your reader. Seriously. If you wouldn't want to read it, then DON'T POST IT.

Think about what you want to offer your reader. For me, it's companionship. I would like to think that I offer a place where a reader can come anytime they have a minute, like a short visit with a friend. Like a home where the backdoor is always open.

Don't think you're great because you get 25 comments and don't think you're not great because you get 0 comments. You are not your blog. Keep that reality in check...spend time, quality time, away from your blog.

Be who you are and embrace it. Laugh at your mistakes. I know I'm a dork and don't know a thing about a thing. So what.  

BE PATIENT. It takes a good year [and that year will go quickly, though it may not seem like it in the beginning]  before you start to see some solid direction in the kind of niche you have.

Have fun. Love what you're doing. Be grateful for the AMAZING people you've met. Celebrate that the internet came to be. Be happy that you have your very own little space in the world, to place your words in.

Thank you, all, I am grateful for you. You've made this week so wonderful for me!!
Still to come: just a few more days with my green skirted friend. A giveaway, and a Saturday surprise post.

THANKS for being here this week! I have really loved celebrating with you.


  1. This was a really great list of things you have learned in a year of blogging. Pioneer woman makes $850,000 a year from blogging? That is insane. I get really frustrated when I go to comment on a blog and it is hard for me to comment. Usually I end up leaving,probably never to return, even though I enjoyed the blog. If it is hard for me to comment then what is the point in me reading the blog. I would also say that blogging and tweeting is very addictive.

  2. All excellent lessons. I wish I still had the same fervor I did after my first year. I think most people experience blogging burnout at some point.

  3. This is a fabulous list of things to know about blogging. New blogger should read it....and old bloggers should read it too....and since I fall somewhere in the middle of those two things, I read it and loved it and was reminded of some things that I had learned and then allowed myself to forget. Thank you for that.

    I'm going to miss Green Skirt Lady when the week is up. Maybe she can come back to visit from time to time?

  4. This is a great list. I'm bookmarking it. I may schedule 5 minutes (HA!) each week to re-read it. Seriously. It feels like the "Everything I needed to know I learned in Kindergarten" list for bloggers. Nice job :)

  5. What a great post this was!!!

    Definitely should be hung where all new and old bloggers should read...and read again (-:

    And I loved looking at that green skirted lady btw!

  6. nice. this is an excellent list...the good news about the blogger butt is that you will never even realise its there b/c of the nerve damage from sitting so

  7. Love the list. I have lost so many comments because I am so quick to x out after. And they were good comments.
    I totally lament the fact that I didn't blog before - it is such a good release even though it does take up way too much time.
    And the people I have "met" - don't even get me started!
    I hope you had a great week celebrating!

  8. I'm kinda glad she's going away. She frightens me just a tad. Well, not her so much as that guy who seems to want to get into her pantyhose.

    This is a perfect list of 'do not forgets' because that built-in forgetter is so damn ornery.

    Maybe you can post a picture of you shake shake shakin' your booty with the emporers in training? That would be pretty damn awesome.

  9. oh, i love this!!! i think you have such a balanced, healthy attitude toward blogging. i admire it and love that you keep it fun. i've been away camping for a week with no phones and internet so i know i'm late to the party here... but happy blogiversary! congratulations on a great first year. hope there's many, many more!!!!

  10. This is seriously the best blogging post ever. Really.

  11. LOVE this! I am also a just one year old blogger (my big day was Feb. 6th) and this is all so completely spot on!

    And? As always, so generous.

    I remember some time over the summer an experienced blogger sent out a call for everyone to stop using word verification. She said to just TRY it for a week and see if you got any spam. Well, I did and no... so I've never looked back.

    I've had maybe two spam comments since then that got caught by Blogger's built in spam filter anyway. (But then again I don't mention Viagara or vaginas in my posts, not much to catch the robo-spammers attention.)

    Anyway my dear, let me once more wish you a hearty "Happy Blogoversary"... and many more to come!

  12. Brian--you make me laugh. YES! the butt nerve damage. Oh, my gosh, yes.

    Pam: I love seeing your little smiling teapot face. Yours was the first giveaway I ever won!

    FromTracie: you are always so kind with your words. Thank you
    Adriel--haven't seen you in a while, on my way.

    Cheryl--your pantyhose lurker dude comment, crackING me up.

  13. I loved this post. I reflect quite frequently on blogging and, in fact, wrote a post about it yesterday. Mostly because I'm losing my memory at an alarming rate and by one year won't remember my name. At any rate, YOU have been so sweet and supportive to me and I thank you.

    Beyond that, your stories have given me insight into a different upbringing and culture and I thank you for that as well. But mostly, just thanks for being you.

    That is all.

  14. Lotsa gems in this post and all of them true.

  15. That is a list that could only come from you. So true! Each and every one of them!

  16. As always a very thoughtful true and heartfelt post.

    Be patient is the best one. I'm at this for over a year and still trying to figure out what the hell my niche is. :)

  17. This is great. It should be required reading for all bloggers.

  18. Valid points all, Wise Empress!

    Sometimes? It takes a lot longer than a year to find your purpose and direction, and it's absolutely true that when you reach out to the world, it reaches back--a lot of the time.

  19. To you, Dear Empress, I say ""


    Love ya!

  20. ha! that didn't come through when I used the brackets.

    try that again....To you, Dear Empress, I say HONK, HONK!

  21. Oh no! I made you easy prey for sneaky sales-people!!

    *sigh* I never meant to. A million apologies!

    But it was such a great great great post. Wouldn't give it up for ANYTHING.

    And an incredible list of wisdoms. (What? That can be plural.)

    Took me many months of soul-wrestling to figure out many of those things sloooooooowly on my own.

    Wish I'd had this list a year ago.

    Oh my gosh...hey, almost exactly a year ago. Hey, I should get on that!

  22. You are so wise - I especially appreciate those nuggets about what it means (basically, nothing) if someone doesn't visit you often or doesn't visit at all. I've experienced both sides. I have a very limited short list of blogs that I visit/comment on, mainly b/c I am literally in pain if I sit in front of the computer for too long. It is hard to make that cut without sending the wrong message. I appreciate all my readers so much, as do you. I am blown away at how much you have grown in one year, Alexandra, and how you can love so generously in such limited time. Looking forward to another year!!

  23. Your observations were spot on!

    Thanks for condensing your wisdom and saving me 8 months!

  24. All of these are great lessons! I do hate the blogger butt, though.

    Most important thing I think: You are not your blog. So true, and yet so hard to remember.

  25. This week-long celebration was full of some good stuff, but I love this post most of all. I've been blogging since January and this post makes me feel excited and hopeful to see next January come along. Thanks!

  26. You grow wiser and wiser. What a list. And what a year you've had. So great to know you through this world.

  27. Wow, if you are not dead on, with the list!.
    I can really feel ya on how much more time it takes than you think. My last few posts took me days to write. I just couldn't think of how to share it.
    A good portion of people I follow don't follow me. I think I get it though! Not everyone wants to read about childhood cancer.
    You know what though? You leave the best damn comments! It really feels as though you read and understood what I put out there. It means alot.

  28. I need to print this advice and hang it over my desk. I wouldn't say you don't a thing about a thing... seems to me you KNOW lots of things!

    Good advice about following a blog because you love it and not feeling slighted because they've stopped following you. (although that is tough.) If I love the blog I should read it, and that's all.

  29. You are SO RIGHT about blog time! I'm sure I could waste a whole day at home just looking at blogs alone.

  30. As a new blogger I found this very helpful. I also find that some people's blogs intimidate me.

    It seems all the other followers have such insightful funny replies and then....I got nuttin

    you know?

    SO I read and I really want to reply but am too shy.

    Like your blog?

    I read every post, I rarely comment.

    hiding behind a pillow now

    that is all

  31. Carrie: you made me cry with your comment, I LOVE your blog. I wish, of course, you didn't have to write about what you have to write about, but I do get it. I go there, to see you, because I am pulling for you. With my whole heart.

  32. Crazy good and long list my friend. There's a lot that comes out that first year huh? There are so many surprises and wonderful friendships formed. My biggest disappointment with blogging is that people who dont blog, for the most part, just don't get it. It still bothers me that people think it is strange and give me looks that say blogs are dangerous and twitter is the devil. Oh well, whatever floats my boat right?

    xoxo Happy Blogoversary!

  33. This is the primer that wordpress/blogger/typepad should email to anyone that starts a new blog. It's simply wonderful. Get on syndicating this puppy.
    And I'm sorry but how can anyone hate Pioneer Woman? It's like hating puppies and rainbows.

  34. I had a slew of emails professing to love my blog after I wrote a post about someone using our credit card to buy expensive shoes and wine. All from financial peeps looking for free advertising!

    You are spot on with your blogging advice. I especially like, Respect Your Reader and Be Who You Are.

    You rocked it on Day 7 !

  35. Happy Blogoversary....what a week. I'll miss that lady too. She can shake it like no other!

    I think your tips are beyond helpful and I know I'm going to take many into consideration. Very good points.

    Now here's to another year of Empress Blogging!!!

    All hail the Queen!

  36. You are so right! I love it! Some of those things you plucked right out of my brain. :)
    Happy blogoversary, Empress!

  37. It is really encouraging to see how far you have come in a year's time. You have created a loyal following and a dynasty! I'm going to bookmark this post so that I can reference your wisdom on what you have learned :) Happy blogoversary!!

  38. So I know I already emailed you with this today, but I'm gonna repeat myself: You always know just the right thing to say.

    EXCEPT for quoting PW's earnings. That just depressed me a little. But I'll live. ;-)

  39. I was so enjoying this post until I got to the part where you state Pioneer Woman makes $850k / year. Say what?! Holy smoly. I am not obsessed about that fact and cannot process any others.

    Happy blogoversary!!!

  40. 'you are not your blog'

    i cannot tell you how much i love that.

    or how much i love you. :)

  41. I love all of your points above! I still haven't gotten a bad comment. Yikes. I am a sensitive person. I don't want it to happen!

  42. I'm actually kind of looking forward to my first troll (I've only gotten slammed for a comment I made on another blog, in defense of the blogger against another commenter, and it was more amusing than anything, although all the other commenters joined me in piling onto the troll commenter, so it's probably not a fair comparison). It feels like a kind of rite of passage, like maybe I'm not being gutsy enough if I haven't pissed anyone off.

  43. This is a great list!

    And, um.... I already had the blogger butt....

  44. I have found friends who live in my backyard. Unbelievable.

  45. Such a great post - you nailed it, sister. Especially about attributing value to a post based on the number of comments - best to focus on the success of writing something you had to get off your chest.

    Also, I'm been meaning to write all week and say that the lady in green looks exactly like the wife of the pediatrician I went to as a child. I'm not sure she had dance moves, but on the other hand she had a monkey that threw its own feces. So it's probably even.

  46. Thank you. My only regret is not being able to read this last summer when I started my blog - you truly are, and will forever in my mind be, The Empress.
    ps FYI, you will also forever look like the green skirt lady in my mind

  47. Lovely, lovely post. I even learned a few things, and was reminded of others, like don't take it personally. Stumbling and tweeting, because I love it so, so much.

  48. What wonderful little pieces of wisdom you've gleaned along the way!

    Also, this? "Think about what you want to offer your reader. For me, it's companionship. I would like to think that I offer a place where a reader can come anytime they have a minute, like a short visit with a friend. Like a home where the backdoor is always open."

    I absolutely feel like this about your blog. I am a (fairly) new reader, but I love that your voice really shines through and offers a positive perspective on so many things. (Well, plus you have Baby E, and who can beat that?)

  49. This is great.
    Wonderful reminders for bloggers

  50. You are brilliant. I think your advice on not taking things personally is wonderful. I don't have time to worry about hurt feelings, I read blogs because I want to read what you have to say, not because I want to sign a lifelong contract to visit you every day. HEcK! I don't even do that with my REAL LIFE friends.
    I still hate twitter. It makes my brain hurt with Mommypants and everyone rt and FF and what the FREAK are they talking about @?
    But, I will muscle through.

  51. I'm going to miss Lady Green Skirt...there's just something about her. I loved this post. I've been blogging since either September or October (I keep forgetting) and your words of wisdom are a balm to my frustrated soul.

  52. Alli: thank you honey. I appreciate it so much.

    Nari: can you email me? What are your frustrations? I'm serious.

    Loridyan: holy cow! I love seeing you here! Thank you.

  53. This is SO great. SO great. And such awesome advice too!!

  54. I was nodding my head the whole way through your post! Wonderful.

  55. What a fantastic list, Empress. I will come back to this again and again, because I'm always wondering if it's worth the time. You've made me a believer. Thank you!

  56. Such sage bloggy words.

    You know I look up to you, right? And all of those reasons up there? Are the reasons why. You keepz it real, lady. You take this biz seriously enough, but not *too* seriously.

    And you are kind to the little folk like me. Thank you, Empress, for being you.

  57. This is amazing. Just what I needed to read today!

  58. This is so spot-on it's scary. You have really managed to crystalize the blogging experience in a very concise way. There's a reason that you are the Empress and we are your subjects.

  59. Fantastic list and so true beyond belief!

  60. You are a wonderful, insightful, and witty blogger. Happy Blogiversary!

  61. I haven't been by to wish you a Happy Blogoversary!! I'll always be a member of your fan club.

    PS Great tips, too.

  62. Empress this is perfect. I agree with SO many of these points, and you and I have been at this the same amount of time. You are so gracious and wonderful and I am lucky to have "met" you this past year.

    And I've wondered where the stories in my head used to go, too. Maybe that's where those arm flaps came from?

  63. I'll miss her shaking it too. And this reminds me that I need a more comfortable chair!

  64. All I have to say is brilliant.
    Thank you a hundred times over for sharing what you know. You rock ;)

  65. I will miss Green Skirt, I must say. But what a great post. So full of truths and so full of you, Empress. xxoo (And still praying, babe)

  66. These are all such good points.
    Congrats on the blogoversary!
    I think blogging is humbling. I have quickly realized that it takes all kinds of bloggers to make the blogging world go round, and you are definitely one of the ones that needs to stay on the wheel. You are fantastic!

  67. You know I love this lady. I'm gonna be sad to see her go. Very Sad.

  68. I know many people said this before me, but I hope you won't mind the redundancy.

    You. Are. So. Generous. With your time, ideas, insights, encouragement.

    Someone who's achieved what you have doesn't need to share. But you do. And then admit you're human and it isn't all perfect for you, either.

    I haven't been able to comment much lately because my computer's gone funky and won't let me post on blogspot - I hijacked my husband's this morning because I had to take your anniversary week to say

    Thanks. Really.

    (and also? you save your kids' toothbrushes? ha!)

  69. A belated happy blogaversary!!! I LOVE your perspective, and agree with all this. I have gotten a gazillion negative comments this week after I wrote about my little Twitter experiment asking people not to use the word "retard." And you know what? I DIDN'T CARE. I was happy to get my message out. I got people who said they'd think twice about using that word from now on. That's all that matters.

    Here's to lots more blogging satisfaction for you, for me, for all of us!

  70. Fabulous post. You know how I know? Because when I finished reading it, I thought to myself, I would LOVE to be this woman's friend. Wonderful words of advice, Empress!

  71. Very nice. I'm glad to see blogging broken down in such a sane way. Plus, this post and the BAD one following makes me feel better about spending so much time online. But not too much. Because I'm not BAD. Just foul.

    You have created a wonderful, caring community. You are to be commended. I commend you.

  72. Gosh, you're good. This is a most excellent list of things to keep in mind and I'm so glad you shared with us.

    I've never unfollowed a blogger b/c they aren't stopping by to read mine. All the blogs I visit fill a different need in my life.

    I had a troll stop by my blog this week (he comes by every so often) and left a very nasty comment, personally attacking me and I know it shouldn't bother me, and yet, it does. I feel I have so much to learn where brushing the mean things people say is concerned. Sigh.

    Also, because I'm sure this didn't happen to you this week, but it most certainly happened to me: your friends may look at you a little crazy when you start conversations by quoting Empress of Good Day Regular People. Love you, girl :)

  73. Wonderful advice, as always :) You are such a bright and welcoming light in the blogosphere. Thank You.

    Love the lady in the green skirt, she reminds me of one of my relatives!

  74. Even though I'm only a couple of months in, I'm starting to get all of this. Like you've said before, I had no idea all this was out there!

    One concern though - I've had no one soliciting me yet. Not at all. Should I be offended?


  75. I almost spit out my coffee, $850K a year! That is insane! I love your list and yes blogging/chatting on line takes up so much of your time...before you know it 3 hours pass! Great list!

  76. There are just so many good gems in here I couldn't even begin to list them. This would be a good summary post as a page on your blog (or something like that) that all of us could refer newbies to.

  77. That STELLAR blogger who doesn't follow you - it's me, isn't it? I'm so sorry. I will rectify that immediately.

    I love this list so very much - it kind of puts it all into perspective.

    ps - The Pioneer Woman bores me to tears. I'm trying to say this as unchildishly as possible.

  78. Just now, dishes have been 'soaking' in the sink for over an hour. I think they may be ready to wash. :sheepish:

    My secret? I have set a special tone on my blackberry for when a comment hits my blog. Shame!

  79. oh, you've summed it up quite nicely, my dear. i just wish my husband understood all of this. i need him to read your "when you love a blogger" series. only he barely reads MY blog.

    congrats again on a kick-ass year!

  80. My first time here, and being a baby blogger I always listen to good advice! One of my best online friends was so frustrated because she couldn't comment on my blog, which prompted me to hunt down and kill word verification. A big step for me. Love all the comments. Although I can't read every blog every day (and I am a speed reader), I always add the ones I like to my blogroll to make it easy to return and read again.
    Thanks for the rich advice!

  81. this was amazing (and I honestly thought I commented over the weekend, but um, guess not). The ideas here, written with so much wisdom, wit and heartfelt sincerity was such a great read and a wonderful reminder for those of us still finding our way in the blogging world. :)

  82. Great words of wisdom! I've been blogging for a few months now and I love it. I also love that you used the word dork because I thought I was the last person using it : )

  83. Some nice tips about blogging. I've been blogging since about 2006 on various blogging sites and I've learned much of what you've posted. I think the most important lesson is to try and get your ego out of the way. That helps with dealing with trolls, dealing with people who stop reading you, dealing with people who you read and never read you back, or dealing with people who don't comment back on your comments. If you can get your ego out of the way (my mantra is, "Not everything is about You, Mandy!") you can enjoy this whole blogging on the world wide internetz thing.

  84. ok let me tell you are SOOO wise to learn all of this in your first year. In my first year? I had no idea about how to find other blogs. I just typed away about my husband and cat.

    i did that year 2 also...with more cat pictures than anything else.

    year three? I had a baby and found two followers.

    I am now approaching the 4 year mark.

    yeah. and I can say in this past year? I have learned these things. Only took me 3.5 years.

    what? I am the S.L.O.W. kid.

  85. All very good! My favorite is, "Respect your reader." Really good advice, for I never want to desperately write and end up with junk. To me, it's tantamount to starting a boring conversation with expectations of getting a good response.

    My next favorite is the one where bloggers think everyone is supposed to "get" what we do. It's so funny! I have to contain myself, and not mention "my blog" in every conversation I have. And it's very difficult, because with every conversation, I'm thinking of subject matter for my next post. LOL

    I've visiting via Theta Mom. Nice to meet you.

  86. Thank you for this post. Thank you. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. I'm copying this and printing it and sleeping with it under my pillow. It's hard being a newbie!

  87. I've read this everyday for the last few days. This whole blogging thing is frustrating at times! Must not let it hurt self-esteem. :) I'm going to print this out and sleep with it under my pillow. Wise words!

  88. Happy Belated Blogaversary!You know, I thought your blog was older than mine! (Notice how you can say that about a blog but not a person! LOL) - this is a perfect post - and, yes, I wonder where all those stories went. I think my brain looked like my closet - where I just keep stuffing things in it that I just can't let go. My brain feels much better now - which is probably why I walk taller!

    BTW - I linked back to you from my post today. You made the absolute sweetest comment at JDaniel4's Moms place. It made me feel so guilty - so I posted about it! I definitely need to come by more often. You always make me smile!

  89. Thanks so much for this! I have been blogging less than 4 months now and am still boggled by all kinds of strange blog terminology - no pun intended! Gonna meditate on your advice now before bedtime.

  90. Hello! I found you through the Crazy Chicks Club, and wow...I'm so glad I did! You had me at your banner! LOL. I love the saying at the bottom. Too true! I'm glad you wrote this post. This is my first year blogging, and I really appreciate the words of wisdom. It's hard when you don't know anyone else who's done it... So Thanks! Happy to have found you and your inspiring blog! ~Pam

  91. This post was just what I needed!! My blog is a baby (only a month old) and I have already struggled with taste... sometimes I question myself worrying about offending people or worrying if someone may not see my humor (of course I go ahead and publish it anyway because I find it funny). I may have to come back and visit this post on days when I lose my perspective.

  92. Oh those non blogging friends. They just don't get it.

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  96. Just started reading your blog and loved this blog post! You learned a lot -- thanks for sharing.



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