Monday, March 28, 2011

Fun Things My Mom Gets Me and Things I Like To Do and Things I WOULD Like To Do

I don't like this picture I look like I have zombie eyes
It's a glorious Monday, and Baby E is better! Thank you for all of your sweet love, prayers, well wishes and healing thoughts. The antibiotic worked and did get rid of the lump on his jawline. THANK YOU!!   [TMI warning: turned out to be an infected submandibular gland - sorry!sorry!  but you know, I'm a mom]

He is back, and full of energy and 10,000 mph thoughts. And I couldn't be happier. 

Monday -- Baby E post day. And I am so happy to have my co-writing partner back. Love you, sweet baby boy.

Well, first I'll start off with fun things my mom gets me. Sometimes my mom gets me fun things like this duck whistle which everyone says is annoying, even though it's really not that much.

It goes like this, you blow in and it makes a funny noise that kinda sounds like, well not a duck, but you know...gas. It goes ::flaaaaarp::

[My mom is laughing her head off--that's how I told her to spell it]

Now I'll do something that's kind of something that she doesn't get me, but still I like -- movie tickets. I saw this movie today called, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules."  And it was good.  ::flaaaaaaaaaaarp::

I love this duck whistle thing my mom got me. No one else does.

Well, I guess I'd better go to THINGS I LIKE TO DO:

First of all, I like to look at the YouTube video about this man who makes fake gas sounding noises, that my mom's friend sent to  her. It is so funny. One part, the man makes a fake gas sounding noise with his armpit and this guy walking past him hears it and says, "oh, hello, how are you?" He answers the fake gas sound and I'm laughing about it just thinking about it.

Another thing that I like to do: I like drawing and writing in my journal, which most of you probably know.


I would like to be a hypnotist.

And people might say, "oh, baby e, you can't be a hypnotist. You'll never be a hypnotist"' but I say why can't I do it?

I would also like to be a geologist, which is a person who studies rocks. I didn't know that right away, either.

And I would also like to be a soccer player, a professional, like playing in the World Cup.

Oh, yeah, and then I would like to be one of the science dudes who studies elements.

And don't smile about this one because it is a serious dream and goal of mine and it is to drink a shamrock shake in 3 seconds.  

I like to think about stuff in exclamation marks.

And I wish I could hypnotize people and make them do what I want them to do.

I'm reading this cool book series, that I think your kids would like to read. They're the Molly Moon Series. They're really interesting books BUT they might be a little frightening in some points. And, so, you might want to look at it before your kids read it. But the books are false advertising at first because there is a picture of a pug with swirly eyes on the cover and but it's not about a pug. I know, false advertising, right? It is an incredible book about hypnotizing and the girl is a master hypnotist.  And the scary part is they kidnap her dog. But the cover says ages 8 through 12. I started the second book, there are 5 books in it.

Earlier today at the store there was this really cool journal but my mom wouldn't let me get it. I like journals. Once, we went to a bookstore and they had this really cool journal with a dragon on the cover but it was like 50 dollars or something and so I know I can't buy stuff like that.

But, instead, I got the duck whistle today. ::flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarp::

There's these little toys that are kind of girly, but I like them anyway. They're called Squinkies.  But they're making a boy version of Squinkies. And this is something totally different: there's this rock painting set my mom hasn't let us do it yet because you need to set up a big place to do it and we've been busy and not home.

And there's this song that my mom is crazy about and thinks it's the best song ever and I sing it to her and she says I'm really good when I sing.

And, also, I AM FEELING BETTER. Yeah! Thank you, everybody, for hoping I will be Okay.

Thank you very much.



I am lucky enough to be Blogger of the Month over at Kpug's place, Mom Got Blog. Thank you, Kel!

I've prepared a guest post for Kel, more of a guest rant, really: I have become an old lady who is fed up with, come see, what... Hope to see you there!


  1. I'm so glad that you're feeling better, Baby E *flaaaaarp* -- just had to throw that in there. I don't have a duck whistle, but I have four kids who make sounds like that all the time.

    I also like to think in exclamation points, and used to write with them (too much!). I have since cured myself (almost!), but it's still fun to write with exclamation points every now and then!

    Happy Monday~

  2. Glad you're back and feeling better. I blame the duck whistle. Gas sounds always make everyone feel better at my house. I say be a hypnotist. Go for it. Go thru life kicking butt and taking names, but don't forget to be nice and help people. I wish you much success. You're the

  3. I think in exclamation marks a lot too.

    And use them on my face. And with my hands.

  4. Thank for making it a flaaaarping good morning Baby e! Glad you are feeling better and singing to your mom.
    Have a great week.

  5. So glad to hear (or actually to read) that you are feeling better. That is awesome.

    I think being a hypnotist would be cool.

    My daughter does not like it when books have those false advertising pictures on the cover, either.

    ::flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarp:: to you!! =) Have a great week!

  6. ::flaaaaaaaaaaaaarp::

    Good post, very entertaining....

    that is all

  7. I love you, Baby E. You are so smart and funny.
    And I bought both of my boys duck whistles. Flaaaaaarp, indeed.
    I always take your movie and book recs because so far you have not steered me wrong!

  8. Hey Baby E- glad to hear you're feeling better! So you like rocks? My daughter is actually going to college to become an environmental geologist and she LOVES rocks too! It is really cool when you learn stuff like that about our Earth! She goes on camping field trips on the weekends to go and study rocks near her school. She says she is a "rock geek" :)

  9. Hey Baby E, I'm also glad you're feeling better.
    I use exclamation marks alot, I also like thinking in BOLD and with......when I'm not sure of an answer in my head.

    thanks for telling me about the book series and Squinkies. My daughter is 8 and doesn't go for frilly girlie things so I'm always on the lookout for fun stuff for her.

    Have fun annoying the heck outta your neighborhood with the whistle and let me know if you manage to sneak it into school.

  10. Oh Baby E, I'm so happy you are feeling better! And it sounds like you had a great time at the movie and such a fun duck whistle.

    And I'm with you on the Shamrock those things.

  11. We would also like to be able to hypnotize people and wish we had a duck whistle, but instead we have musical spoons. Enjoy your whistle Baby E!

  12. Darn, I tried to post a comment and blogger ate it!

    So glad you are feeling better! My kids never needed a duck whistle to make those (gas) sounds. They were full of the natural ones. Drinking any shake in 3 minutes is bound to cause a brain freeze, which is so NOT fun! Keep up the flaaaaaaaaaarping, it'll keep mom on her toes.

  13. What kind of boy would he be if he wasn't impressed by fake farting sounds?!?!

  14. I really, really, really love these Baby E posts. They make me laugh and are just so funny! Great job, Baby E!


  15. I love baby e! I just read this out loud to my husband and we were rolling.

    And I love those duck whistles, too!


  16. Yah he's feeling better! I love hearing all the different things kids want to do, always such big dreams.

  17. I'm glad you don't mind liking stuff that's labeled "girly"! Thanks for telling us about the Molly Moon series. Glad to have you back!

  18. Yay, I'm so glad you're feeling better! Your posts always make me smile. I love the "you wish you could hypnotize people and make them do what you want". I laughed out loud at that one, and of course, the flaaarrrp!

  19. Oh Baby E - you should come on over to our house! You would fit in perfectly!!

    My middle daughter got a whoopie cusion on Thursday and my youngest got a can of "noise putty" as a party favor on Saturday. Our house is one big cloud of fake gas :-)

    Glad you are feeling better!

  20. Baby E- So happy to hear you are feeling better!


    Next Monday, can you please tell us where we can get one of those duck whistles?

  21. Glad you are back to rock the house. If we ever meet, I will challenge you to a shamrock shake drinking contest

  22. ::flaaaaaarp:: is my new favorite meme. I hope it takes off. And I get to wear it on a T-shirt.

    Here's to you feeling better, Baby E!

  23. My favorite part?

    "And don't smile about this one because it is a serious dream and goal of mine and it is to drink a shamrock shake in 3 seconds."

    The greatest sentence I have read all day long.

    So happy to hear Baby E is doing much, much better.

  24. I am so glad you're feeling well Baby E! Your post made me giggle lots too. I needed that.

  25. From Baby E:

    I appreciate your comments and I really do read them.

    No lying.

    And sometimes your comments help me to get my strength boosted so I can do my homework.

    Thank you very much.


  26. Baby E you sound a lot like me. Being a hypnotist would rock. And my daughter wants to be a lot things too and I think that is awesome. I;m so glad you are feeling better!

  27. Baby E, do you know that no one knows what a Shamrock shake is around here? Seriously. Even on St Patrick's Day, you can ask for one and they look at you like you have lost your mind.

  28. I have to admit that I have absolutely no idea what a shamrock shake is but I am very glad you're feeling better!

  29. Fart sounds are always funny. And blank journals? The BEST! Don't you just wanna buy 'em all up and smell their pages and doodle and write to your heart's content? I do.
    Two farts from my armpit,

  30. Baby E, my daughter loves journals, too. She'd have 50 of them if she could. And I think you should become a hypnotist and just put people to sleep, drink the shake, wake them up, and astonish them all with your amazing shake-drinking speed.

    Glad you're feeling better.

  31. BabyE, I am so glad to read that you are feeling better!!

    And that you have a duck whistle that goes ::flaaaaaaaaaaaaaarp:: is just the coolest thing ever!

  32. Everyone's world is better with regular installments of Baby E :-)

  33. Glad you're feeling better!!
    I LOVE hypnotists! So cool! I'm going to see one in Vegas in a week and I can't wait. I too would love to know how to do that.

  34. I'm So Glad you are feeling better Baby E! I like to think in exclamation marks too! Makes life very cheerful : ) By the way, I think Geologists are Very Cool because Rocks Are Awesome! They can seem very quiet but they are full of knowlege.

  35. I'm glad you feel better! I was a bit worried - I don't like lumps in my mashed potatoes, or in my friends.

    Also, I happen to think that exclamation marks are what make life worth living sometimes.

    And heck yeah! You pursue that dream of drinking a Shamrock shake in 3 seconds. But practice up when you can; unlike your wonderful posts, they're here for a limited time only.

  36. So glad to hear you are feeling better, Baby E. We missed you! And Empress--I'm glad you have your partner in crime back. You guys make a great team :)

    I totally want that duck whistle!

    Also, I just found out what a Shamrock Shake is. Three seconds, huh?? That would be pretty darn impressive ;)

  37. good to know that the Molly Moon series is worth it... I'd avoided it because I thought it was a dog book, seriously - false advertising!

    good luck on that Shamrock Shake thing... will you have to wait until next year or do they still have them for the rest of the month?

  38. I'm going to tell my kids about that book series.

    But not about the whistle. :)

    Glad you're feeling better!

  39. How old is Baby e? My 10-year-old Lars also loves rocks, the periodic table, fart noises, and thinking in exclamation points. I'll bet Albert Einstein thought in exclamation points, too, by the way -- all the best thinkers do. I don't have a duck whistle, but my sewing machine makes a cricket noise when I try to sew with the presser foot up.

  40. I want to tell you to be a hypnotist but I think Empress would prefer I refrain.

    (you look like your mama in this photo and that's a great thing).



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