Sunday, November 4, 2012

Can We Be That Short Story?

About five minutes ago, when I sat down to type this, I accidentally kicked over a stack of books that is always at my feet. It is the exact pile of books that my husband grumbles and mumbles about having to step over. But I still keep it right there--my treasured tower of short story anthologies. A stackful of printed spines that read Best of American Short Stories, and Best of Latino Non-Fiction, you get the picture.

My love for the short story has always been a part of me; I can't remember how far back it's been there, but I do know the one who lit that spark for tales from the soul. It was my Colombian grandmother, my Abuela.

I tell about my grandmother, The Queen of the Short Story, at TikiTiki Blog today, where I am honored to have a monthly column.

Come join me as I remember how my Abuela's childhood tales left me wide-eyed and with a vision of her as the eternal little girl, whose life was more enthralling than any written pages.

My grandmother is the reason for my daily practice of telling my children about my own childhood days. I want them to remember me forever as I do her, a story unfolding.


  1. I love when you write about your Abuela.
    For so many reasons.

    Cheers to keeping the stories alive.

  2. Lovely lead in -- going there now!

  3. Gonna check it right now)) My own memories about my granny take a special place in my heart as well. Her fairy tales and kind advice will always be with me.

  4. I'll have to stop by there and read all about it. Sounds interesting.

  5. Yes, I've read this good book ...

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