Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why Is It Still In The Closet?

When my youngest was four years old, we took him to a build-a-bear store to, well, build his own bear. For those not familiar with build-a-bearing, your child chooses from among 15 barrels filled with what look like fuzzy mini sleeping bags. These are the toy animal pouch carcasses that will soon be stuffed with plush animal batting via a hose you stick up the butt of desired baby panda, baby bear, or baby dinosaur.

Swooosh and you watch your fuzzy new baby come to life (both of them) as the stuffing is pumped in by your little one. But, my son thought as he controlled the foot pedal to the tuft dispenser, hmmmm full is good, fullER must be da bomb. And so, that's how we came home from the mall with what looks like a baby panda float from the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Can you picture it? Like a puffy cheeked Kung Fu Panda about to toss his cookies.

I tell you this because THAT'S what my closet looks like.

But why? My post today, brought to you by Aiming Low: First World Problems, the Walk-in Closet. I try to answer why do we hang on to the things we do, for years on end, in our closets. 

I hope you'll join me there, and Happy Thanksgiving build-a-bear overstuffed faces to you!


  1. Next time we hit Build-A-Bear, we're going balls-to-the-walls as far as stuffing.

    My closet? I just can't talk about that.

  2. I made bears the old fashioned way, and bled from needle sticks. Did the kids like them? I think so. They didn't dare say they didn't, because I was glaring at them when they opened them.

  3. On my way! This sounds hilarious.

  4. The are walk-in closets in all the bedrooms that can't even be stepped in, filled with clothes that don't fit, or belonged to the kids. I can't make myself get rid of them, because they're still good clothes... even if nobody can wear them, or they're so out of style it's pathetic. Everything eventually comes back in style, right? Yeah, everything except MY WAISTLINE!



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