Sunday, November 11, 2012

To My East Coast Friends: Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

My friends on the East Coast have been hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. Many still with flooded basements, like DustyEarthMom, and many going on Day Ten without power or gas, like VerbVixen. (read her post today, for a heartbreaking account of what life is like right now after Sandy)

I have a love letter to my East Coast bunch up at Aiming Low today, and I mean every word.

The internet has brought you into my life, all you wonderful smart and funny people from the East, and I'm sorry it's taken a storm of the century for me to tell you how special you are to me.

My love letter to my friends on the internet, caught in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

You are a hardy bunch, but still, wouldn't hearing how much we love you and care about you, feel really good about now?




  1. Just playing catch up on your blog now... I've really missed you! Left a comment for you over at Aiming Low. XOXO

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