Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dream Shaman

Did you know that Colombians are master practicioners in dream analysis?

By the age of five, I could tell you the difference between having a white mouse versus a black mouse being present in your night time story line. ::shiver::

My kids know this--they also know better than to come downstairs in the morning with no reports from their subconscious. And I know if they're making something up.

Today on the hilarious website, FunnynotSlutty,  my post, The Dream Whisperer: What those dreams of screams with no voice are telling you. (please tell me you're not doing the silent scream thingy in your dreams)

FunnynotSlutty: The Funniest Woman on The Planet.


**This month, FnS is running their 2012 Best On Planet contest--brought to you by The Louise Log. You can nominate Funniest Commenter. (I love this category: funniest commenter) I know just the person. CLICK OVER, and nominate your fave reader.

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