Sunday, November 18, 2012


Back to the best of the internet this past week. A few pressing things moved my usual In Case You Missed It post out of its Monday time slot, but I can squeeze one entry in before Thanksgiving posts are due. At more than one place.

Lots to laugh over, ponder, smile with, relate, and slap five to. So let's get started, y'all:

In Case You Missed It: (the best of the web this week)

--Life in its heart clutching moments, a post from a delightful blog where two sisters, Jen and Sarah, co-write. On Momalom, Tuning In. Just a few sentences, but such a red hot arrow to the truth of what is life but moments, guaranteed to melt you into a puddle. In the best bleary eyes from tears way.

--Some great advice on how to grab a reader's attention with your first sentences. From write it sideways, a blog you need to follow. They have daily tips on ways to improve your writing, like their post "6 Ways to Hook Your Reader From The Very First Line." In their words, "Since 2009, ‘Write It Sideways’ has been helping you see the world of writing from a fresh perspective. Our experienced team can help you learn new skills, define your goals, increase your productivity, and prepare for publication. Plus, we’ll try really hard not to be boring when we do it.

-- A blog that feeds your mind, your soul, your eyes, your heart. Chookooloonks. I don't have to point you to a specific post there, because anything you find at Karen Walrond's place of beautiful in word and photo, will set you in your day. Truly, Chookooloonks is a gold mine of a find on the internet. Click over, and you'll find yourself just a little bit of an improved, inspired you. Every day.

--And a post that went viral--though it should have gone antibacterial--laugh and snort your way through the tale of what happened to a very pregnant woman who just wanted a late trimester massage. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH, but so unbelievably well told and ridiculously funny. Hands down, yes--a nightmare of a massage, and yet? makes us laugh. **Pamela Ribons has written four books, and after reading her post here, I am buying every single one of them.


Have a great week, everyone!  Remember to count your blessings and write them in stone--and write your troubles in sand. Enjoy Thanksgiving, and all the tales that come along with it. Because family will be involved. 

Maybe you'd like to borrow my doormat?: "Friends welcome. Relatives by appointment."



  1. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving as well!

  2. smiles..i hope you have a great holiday with your fam...not for the squeamish eh? but if its that good i probably cant look away so...

  3. I love this regular post that you do. You inspired me to do something similar. Although, I've only gotten one up so far. I never said I'd be weekly or regular about it. I'm off to check out these other sites!

  4. For once I don't know a single one of these guys. Off to read.

  5. I like this regular post of yours. I am always missing the things you are writing about. Or no, I am not missing them anymore.

  6. OMG. The last one about the prenatal massage was crazy! Ewww. Thanks for sharing others' posts - it's one of the things I love about you.

  7. I actually caught Pamie's post at her own blog, soon after she published . . . all I can say is "wow"



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