Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Weekend Was Not Mine and Now It's Monday

This is me having a good time like I didn't get to do this week end

Baby E post day here today. It's Monday, and -- as always -- when he feels he needs to get an outside opinion on the unfair state of his life, he turns to the keyboard.

Apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. 

[if you're new to Baby E, you can go here for his first post. If he has something to say, I give him Mondays here as his space. He loves knowing that]

Here is his rant, which I typed out for him Sunday night while the words were flying out of his mouth: such is the injustice that he endured at our hands this past Saturday and Sunday. [thanks so much for tuning in...means a lot to us xo]

Hi. It's me, Baby E and my mom is typing but she cannot stop me from the stuff I'm going to say.

This weekend was not mine.

All weekend we had to do stuff for my family and I had to do it, too.

On Saturday, we had to drive an hour away to go to my big brother's Lego Robotics competition. And the car ride got so long and hot that I barfed.

My other big brother helped me.

But that is not a fun Saturday day for me.

Then on that day we had to wake up at 6:00 to get to the place on time.  This was on Saturday morning that I had to get up early like that.

That is not my weekend wish for me.

On Sunday it was nice out and that made me think "oh no" because then we have to rake and it is dumb to rake.

The wind comes anyway. It's just dumb.

Oh, but wait, I just remembered my mom took us to see PussnBoots on Friday. Yeah, that was a good part.

Now my mom says I have to remember another good part: Okay, my mom did make us cinnamon rolls on Sunday. That was another good part.

Oh, wait. And my dad did buy me a new Beyblades Barf prize on Saturday because I got sick because he is an old man that has to have the heat on superhot in the car because he is an old man.

And my dad is getting crazier. Today, I told him it was too cold to go outside and rake and he looked out the window and said, "I don't see that it's cold out," and I said DAD! You can't see the temperature!!

And then my dad, when he was reading the paper said, "Look, Disney is opening up a new resort in Hawaii," and my mom said back to him, Tell me dishwashers are on sale at Sears and maybe then I'll get excited.

And that made me laugh because I love when my dad gets powned.

And then I had to go to indoor soccer. I forgot about that. That was good.

Basically, I'm mad because my favorite day is Saturday and my favorite thing is screen time and that didn't happen to me this weekend. And my favorite part of the day is to sleep and relax.

And now it's Sunday and my weekend is over and it feels like I never got it.



  1. Oh Baby E I here you buddy... I didn't get any screen time at all this weekend either. My girls were hogging the computer all the time. And I had to clean my suburban and cook meals, and I even washed the kitchen floor. I hate washing the kitchen floor. Plus I had to watch Youngest play soccer, and I know I should, but it was stinky at the pitch. So I hear ya. Maybe we'll both have better weekends next week. Buck up... at least you got cinnamon rolls.

  2. Baby E, sorry you didn't get the weekend you wanted. But there were some good moments, eh?

  3. If it makes you feel any better, my weekend wasn't mine, either. I was stuck taking care of two dogs and one of them made a huge mess in my bed. I won't go into details, but it was awful! Feel better now? No? Neither do I.

  4. OK, I am definitely going to have my son Ethan come read this post because some weekends he can SO relate and he thinks he's the only kid on the planet that has it so unfair.

    Also, Baby E, your taking over your mother's blog inspired me to let Ethan take over mine the other day with a brilliant essay and I think I'm going to have to let him do this regularly now.


  5. Baby E, I understand very much feeling like the weekend passed without time spent doing my weekend things. And throwing up is never fun.

    But it is good that there were several fun things in your weekend.

    I really wish your mom would come make me some cinnamon rolls.

  6. Baby E

    #1 - you are adorable and funny
    #2 - I count quite a few fun things you got to do!
    #3 - I agree about raking. Ridiculous! heh

  7. e,

    sorry you had to use your weekend to love on your family. i am sure your brother appreciated you being there for his lego competition and the family that you were in the car with them. though maybe not that you barfed. imagining that in a hot car is not fun.

    so will you get to sleep in this saturday?

    my son just finished soccer on this saturday. so next week will be our first one with nothing to go to, in about 3 months. so we are making a pact to sleep in.

    if my boys can get beyond the time change. they are getting up way to early because their bodies think it is time.

    sounds like you did get some good things even if it was not your fav things.

    hope you have a great week!


  8. Oh my gosh, you are so cool and adorable. I'm sorry you didn't get your Saturday. I feel the same way about my weekends! Sleeping in and relaxing are my favorites. I'm glad you got to see a movie and go to soccer, though!

  9. Baby E,

    Sorry your Saturday got hijacked by family stuff and getting sick, but at least you've got another chance next weekend :) Hang in there!

  10. Poor Baby E. I hope next weekend is better!

  11. Sorry Baby E., but I'm laughing at you calling your Dad an old man.

    My weekend got hi-jacked, too. By 3 kiddie birthday parties. Unfair, right?!

  12. I agree. Raking leaves is dumb.

    You know what is even dumber?

    That I bought a house with 5 huge maple trees on it.

    And also, why doesn't the wind ever blow AWAY from my house? I also get the neighbours leaves as well as my own.

    Sorry to hear about the barf. But a beyblade makes up for it, right. Did you get one with a metal performance tip? Those are my son's favourite ones. He says they work better.

    Let it rip!

  13. OK, E. I'm going to sound like a mom here - probably because I AM a mom - and tell you to look on the bright side. You did do some cool stuff. Even if you you had to get up early and you barfed. I think I still have yesterday's Sunday school lesson about Thankfulness on my brain. Please forgive me for not being more sympathetic.

    But - I also owe you - or maybe your mom - a thank you. My kids say "powned" all the time, too, and I've never known how to spell it because I've never seen it in print. Until this morning. So now I can blog about getting powned by my own children, since I've seen it spelled correctly. So thanks.

  14. Oh no!! You got sick because your dad had the heat turned up so far!?! Poor, poor Baby E!

  15. I absolutely love to see the world through a child's eyes. Very well put Baby E!!!!

  16. Baby E., if you didn't already know it, parents can be so unfair and this will continue UNTIL YOU TURN 18 AND MAKE A RUN FOR IT.

    My Dad? Thought is was absolutely necessary to take us to the dentist on Saturday mornings. And since the dentist was far away, we always had to get up at 7:00 am. And the worst part is that we didn't even have to get up that early on a school day!

    I used to beg my mom to TALK TO HIM about this injustice but she would just shrug. Because they're in the torturing together.


  17. Oh, man -- this was a good one! I I agree; raking is dumb, you can't tell how cold it is by looking out the window (unless the window happens to be open), and any event that requires waking up at 6 AM on a Saturday has got to have been organized by Satan. Lego Robotics tournaments should be held in the late afternoon, so sane people like us can sleep in and watch cartoons in our pajamas. I hope next weekend is a better one for you!

  18. In our family the Mom gets to pick the temperature in the car, so the car is always cold. You can ask my kids if that's any better.

    Also, yeah, letting a kid take over the blog - I'm thinking NaBloPoMo is going to be a BREEZE now.

  19. Baby daughter complained about her weekend too. So I bought her a donut. Maybe I should have made cinnamon rolls!!

  20. I did not get MY weekend either. Can we have a do-over???

  21. I agree with Deb, Baby E, we should all get a do-over. I barfed this weekend too but sadly just from a stomach bug. So I didn't even get cinnamon rolls.
    Your parents sound hilarious! Glad you at least got to do a few fun things. And your older brother helping you seems nice.

  22. Baby E,

    My son loves it when his dad gets powned, too.
    (So do I, but I can't say it out loud.)

    And also, raking is kind of dumb.
    Stupid wind.

    So better lucky next weekend. I hope it looks too cold outside for yard work.

    And that absolutely no one barfs.



  23. Baby E I feel you little man. My weekends used to be so much fun, sleeping in and watching, I am such a boring old woman with kids and a husband and chores I have to do.

    I often get sick in the car too...maybe we should start our own community where you are forbidden to wake me before 8am on a sat and I never have to rake leaves again...

    Or maybe your mom can just adopt me and I can help with all of it ;)

  24. Oh, Baby E. I have weekends like that...and they are no fun.

  25. Oh, you guys are all so good to commiserate with him.

    He was still mad when he woke up this morning...he needs a day off.

    Poor thing..


  26. Wow, I'd barf in a hot back seat too..bleah! My son would love a Lego Robotics festival, but I guess only if he'd had enough screen time first. I hope things look up for you soon!

  27. Oh, Baby E., your time was not your own and I KNOW JUST HOW THAT FEELS. Been going on three years now. :)

    But cinnamon rolls will always get me in a good mood. Period.

    Fingers crossed that next Saturday is full of lazy leisure.

  28. Sweet Baby E, I feel bad that you barfed in the car, but I'm happy you got a present because of it. And it makes me laugh that your dad is so old that he has to have the car hot. Me too.

  29. I feel the same way about Saturdays. Sleep late and don't rake leaves because they just blow away anyway. I'm with your Dad on the heat, though. Sadly, I'm old, too. I'll try to be a little more considerate from now on, though, thanks to your perspective. And cinnamon rolls? Lucky!

  30. Hi Baby E...sorry you barfed in the car. If it makes you feel any better - my sister barfed in the car once...ON ME! It was gross.

    I haven't seen Puss 'n' Boots yet, but I've heard it was good. Did you get the raking done?

    Have a great week and see you next Monday!

  31. Baby E...I am laughing WITH you. When you get older I want you to go back and read this post. It is hilarious. Trust me.
    I'm sorry that you barfed. Tell your dad to wear a parka ;)

  32. Oh, Baby E . . . I hate to tell you, but the "losing weekends" happens more & more often.

    A Lego robitics competition does sound kind of cool . . . though I'm not sure it's worth an hour's car drive and carpuke.

  33. Baby E, my Sunday was not my Sunday, and I did not care for it one bit.

  34. Feelin' your pain Baby E! Spent all weekend trying to replace my Baby L's computer. Do dead computers go to Electronics Heaven? Wouldn't THAT be a wild place! Hope next weekend belongs to you!

  35. omg, what a great adorable photo :))!

  36. Sorry E, I understand the frustration. Hope next weekend is better ;)

  37. i hear ya, E. for what it's worth, my wasn't much better.

  38. When JDaniel has weekends like this, I will have to make cinnamon rolls.

    Thank you for commenting on Alison's post.

  39. Baby E, I'm sorry your weekend blew chunks (get it? get it?) but if that's the price you have to pay so that we get a Baby E post, I say it's a good thing you took one for the team. Also: by ranting, you got to realize the universe wasn't so stacked against you. I'd have kept it all inside and felt worse. (But not as bad as puking. Really sorry about that.) PS: Want to know how tragically uncool I am? I don't know what Beyblades are or what powned means.

  40. Baby E, you just reminded me of how my little Miss Chatterbox (aka my 7 yr-old daughter) must have felt for the past few weekends! *gasp*

    Sorry that you had a bummer of a weekend. Hopefully your mother (ahem) makes up for it next weekend... heeheehee...

  41. I'm sorry I had to laugh at his barfing.

    He gets like that when he's hot, I forgot.

    So funny. He is adorable.


  42. At least there were some good moments in there, right? Though I totally know what you mean. I hate when my weekends are sabotaged by things I'd rather not do...

    Awesome your mom made some cinnamon rolls--that makes up for some it, I think :)

  43. hi Baby E, Sorry to hear about your Saturday. And I totally know what you mean about how things are over by the time it's Sunday. I used to hate Sundays - to me it was like early Monday. I always hated doing family stuff like mow the lawn. But I'm glad you remembered some good things too. Now, I try to do that. I forget to a lot of the time, but making a list of the good stuff will cheer you up. Hope you are having a great week!!

  44. Ahh, Baby E, you have much in common with us ladies as our favorite thing, too, is screen time.

  45. I would do that stuff on a Saturday if it meant I got cinnamon rolls and to see PussnBoots! I'm pretty easy like that. Was the movie good?



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