Tuesday, November 1, 2011


What does this typical family do for fun on an autumn night?

The usual: have a dance party to Dead or Alive's Spin Me Round Round Like A Record Baby and fight over pass around our copy of Motherhood In NYC's hilarious family book, WANTED: CAT.

But why should this family be lucky enough to have all the fun?

We are giving away one of our copies of Marinka's new book, WANTED: CAT.

oLeave a comment here for one chance to win.

oTweet this for a 2nd chance to win: Yes, I want it-Gimme @marinkanyc new book WANTED: CAT from @GDRPempress

oPost the above tweet on my FB page for an additional entry.

This for-all-ages who want to laugh book has been read over 5 times at a sitting in our house. It gets read at the kitchen table, while laying on the front room floor, while snuck in between the pages of math homework, and while tucked in front of mama's cookbook stand.

Marinka's WANTED: CAT has achieved the highest award in Family Book Reading possible: enthusiastic two thumbs up from teenagers.

*The 16 year old says, "Give it back, dork...I had it first."

*The 14 year old sings, "Goodtastic!"

*The 9 year old bats his lashes and asks, "More, mama...read to me again about Snowflake!"

*Mama raves, "Look at how Marinka made her stiletto heeled self look on page 20. Like she was born in Spanx. Reason enough to write a book right there."

Seriously: this book made the littlest to the biggest laugh out loud. For me, it was like a long delicious Motherhood in NYC post, just what we always wanted.

The standards Marinka holds for herself are in every sentence of this child to teen book: if it's not thigh slapping funny, she won't let it leave her computer screen.

My entire family loved WANTED: CAT. This book has the high quality humor and comic set ups we've come to expect from this woman.

If you're into clever, smart, intelligent humor for your kids and a book that your kids will love sharing with you, order this book here.

You know, in case you don't win my giveaway.

She cracked me up, and all my kids, too.

You nailed it, Marinka. You really did. 

Let the family fun begin!



  1. I've never heard of this book, but I'm game and I love a good, funny read! Thanks for the opportunity!

    If you like it - that's a good enough recommendation for me!

  2. WooHoo! I tweeted!

  3. I haven't heard of this book either, but anything we can pass around and share a laugh about at the kitchen table sounds great to me!

  4. I tweeted...


  5. Sounds hysterical! I must have it. So, pick me, pick me, pick me!!!! (okay, if begging won't work...how about bribery? I have a moldy jack o'lantern....you know you want it.)

  6. give it back you dork....is a high compliment...put me in for sure...i am on a roll...can i get some truffles with it too...for the sake of family fun of course...smiles.

  7. Oooh, I'll take it. I'll take anything that might entertain kids and adults at the same time.

  8. Do I want Marinka's book? Hellz yeah!


  9. I have two cats. One who claws my breasts in the middle of the night (which can be a bit startling despite the nursing deadened nipples) and another who pees down our heater vents which infuses the house with a lovely eau de catbox. But I will still read this book, because you recommend it! xo

  10. Is that song the one they play during the final credits of one of the funniest movies ever made, the Hangover?

  11. --meeeeeeeeeeeeeee meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. meeeeeeeeee meoooooooooooooow.

  12. I has a cat. I has kids. We likes humor. We no have this book. Wants it.

  13. I'm in...we need a little laughter in the house of Chunky ;)

  14. O.k. I want the book AND the Dead or Alive album.

    But I'll take the book.

    And just spin right round myself.


  15. Has anyone won yet? I want it.


  16. Dammit, I can't believe I missed this! I have heard nothing but good things about this book, I hope it goes on to sell OODLES for Marinka!

    Have a good weekend, A!

  17. I'm in process of commenting. I tweeted. I also tried to post my tweet on your Facebook page (isn't that a country song?) but failed. Because technology and me, we are like this (I am holding two fingers as far away from each other as my wingspan allows.) So 2 out of 3 chances. But I'm going to buy the darn thing, anyway.

  18. The rotten thing about having three children in 2.5 years is that I can only read blogs once a week and it makes me late for every contest. I hear this one is hilarious. And, as you well know, if it's by Marinka, it just has to be.



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