Monday, November 14, 2011

Notes On How To Make A Bed

I'm tired because my family never lets me sleep late

It's Monday, Baby E's post day; he posts here when he feels he needs to.

He feels he needs to today....must I tell you that he feels we again ran him ragged this weekend.

If you're new to Baby E's Posts, he posts on Mondays. You can go here to read his first post.

Thank you, as always, for listening. He is so lucky to have a place to go when life gets him down, thank you for that.


It's me.

I didn't get to do anything fun this weekend again.

My mom and dad made me do my homework all day Saturday.

On Sunday, I had to help with the groceries.

And my mom told me on Sunday I have to start making my own bed.

I don't like to do that because I told her I don't know how.

She told me to go watch my brother and watch and learn.

So I went upstairs with my brother and he was supposed to show me how.

I took notes to learn.

Here are my notes on How To Make Beds: (from watching my brother who is 14 years old)


oBe crabby

oDo it fast


oMake crabby faces

oTattle about mom to your brother

oWhen your little brother asks you a nice question be mean to him and say  "duhhhh..."

oTrip on the covers

oThrow the top blanket on top and say mumble mumble about making the bed

Those are the notes I showed to my mom.



  1. I just love reading your posts, Baby E. Sorry your weekend wasn't fly - big brothers can be painful. As is homework. Hang on in there!

  2. That's the same way my kids made their beds, too!

  3. Sounds like you had a rough weekend Baby E but I think that is the way every kid makes his or her bed. Hope your week is better!

  4. Oh E!!! Homework ALL day and groceries ALL day? That is terrible indeed! Unfortunately, it sounds like your brother makes his bed a little bit like I do sometimes. Good luck with your new task! And Happy Monday!

  5. e,

    haha. yes sometimes i grumble as well but i do make the bed. i think it is great that she feels you are responsible enough to take care of it on your own.

    we had quite a bit of homework to do yesterday. we made a diarama of a tiger shark, that was pretty cool.

    have a great week e



    Very funny post, Baby E.

  7. Oh, E.

    That is the way my kids make their beds, too. It's also the way they empty the dishwasher, take out the garbage, set the table, and clean the hamster cage.

    Here's to a "All About E" weekend soon. I think it should include a sundae bar.

  8. Funny post Baby E. Love it. Don't'll know how to make a bed quickly. Its a chore but its the least boring one ;)

  9. I've been trying to get my 8 year old to make the bed, with about the same result. A lot of crabbing, a lot of tripping, and a lot of wrinkles.

  10. You really, really need to meet The Small One. You are like two peas in a pod. Or two rumply, unmade beds. Hoping next weekend is better, E.

  11. Right on Baby E! 14 or 44 or 64, notes remain the same. I didn't get to do anything fun this weekend either...humpf.

  12. So clever, so funny. So Baby E.

  13. Baby E is seriously the most astute kid. I always enjoy his posts.

  14. Sounds about right. Wait, that's not the proper way to make beds?

    What have I been doing all my life...Great post.

  15. Don't feel too bad, E. My husband is 43 and he STILL doesn't know how to make a bed. He tried last weekend, and he put the blanket on sideways and the bedspread upside-down. He also neglected to tuck in the corners at the bottom of the bed, so the covers tend to slide off the bed during the night, especially if someone is hogging the covers and the other person has to retaliate by stealing them back once Himself is asleep...

    Okay, Dude -- here's your secret weapon! I found a video lesson on how to make your bed way better than your big brother can do it: I hope that helps. Have a great week!

  16. Baby E...seriously, I feel your pain. I am sorry your family is running you around all weekend (I could use a nap myself!) Hoping the bed making gets better!!!! My twins are 3 and i want them to make their beds already too...your mom and I must be friends LOL

  17. Being the oldest, I can totally understand where the 14 year old is coming from, even though I shouldn't.

    Sorry about that Baby E.

  18. we both laughed. this is awesome!


  19. On days that you post, I think your brother should make your bed :)But it is good to know how.

  20. guys are so nice. Baby E just sat and read the comments. He thinks you guys are funny.

    Thank you

  21. HAHAHAHAHAHA, oh Baby E, thank you for giving me a good laugh! I'd love to watch your mom's reaction when she saw that note the first time!! LOL

    An interesting perspective... now I had I glimpse of what's going on in my own daughter's head, because she's a lot like you. I think you both will get along very well if you two ever meet.

    Much hugs to you :)

  22. Baby E are you sure your name isn't Clare? Because you sound like a girl named Clare I know who hates to make her bed and especially because "it's the kind of bed that is pushed up against the wall." Those are apparently the worst beds to make and the ones you should get an extra dollar a day on your allowance to make. If you are Clare you are also an extortionist. That's all.

  23. My kids never make their beds and they know how. Thankfully their rooms are upstairs and out of view!

  24. I hear ya Baby E! I would never count on a 14 year old brother to thoughtfully show me the ropes!

  25. Hi Baby E! I bet, when you put your mind to it, you do a GREAT job on making the bed!

  26. A future awesome blogger! I actually love making the beds. But cooking? Totally not my thing! My boys are scared of me in the kitchen!

  27. I think this is how JDaniel will make his bed when he has to.

  28. I always made my bed by taking the sheet, holding it high over my head, and jumping onto my bed, tucking any of the random sheet-bits wherever they might have been.

    Sadly, this is akin to the way I wrap presents.

  29. This is probably my favorite Baby E post yet. :)

  30. I can't stop laughing. That's exactly how I make my bed, Baby E.

  31. Ugh, brothers are NOT HELPFUL sometimes.

    I would recommend making the bed while you are still in it. Very cozy.

  32. OMG, I'm dying. This is hysterical and TOTALLY how I make my bed too. Actually forget I said that. Mommy would be mad. I take great pride in making my bed, tucking in sheets, and lovingly smoothing out all the wrinkles.

    Yea. Totaaaaaaaaally. :p

  33. I'm late to the Baby E post! Baby E, don't worry. If you learn to make the bed it is a totally forgettable thing if you want to give it up as an adult. Trust me, I know. Stick with it for now though!

  34. Oh, you're all so awesome. I LOVE YOU!!!

  35. That is exactly how I make my bed.

  36. That's how we make our beds!!! This is awesome!



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