Friday, August 17, 2012

Anger, We Haz It

Facts of Life: if you are or have ever been a human being, you may have had moments in your life of anger so intense you feel mind-leaving-body, and you are witness to the separation.

Like eyes rolling around in your head and steam coming out of your nose like a stomping bull white hot anger. Feelings boiling over like a screaming tea kettle on the stove, and what do you do with yourself? Especially if these emotions overtake you at a less than opportune time: say half the town watching?

My post today, brought to you by Aiming Low, because they love to help: "What To Do With Your Strong Feelings."*

*Ignore them maybe they'll go away, is not one of my suggestions.  


  1. Heading over right now. I need this!! ;)

  2. Yes. I understand this all too well. Off to check you out now. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. "Strong feelings" is the best euphemism.

    I sometimes haz them, too.


  4. Love the little "ignore them" disclaimer. :)

  5. I got so angry at some of the college kids on one of my projects last semester. I could feel the spittle when I was correcting them on how I wasn't "disrespecting" them but they were incredibly disrespectful of the the rest of the team.

  6. I was going to write, "Simply kick the cat," but I assumed that would not be well received.

    So, please, people, let's stop beating up on cats. It's not nice.

  7. I scream in the car....insane but it keeps me from murdering people.



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