Monday, August 6, 2012

Sung To The Tune of Rock Lobster

We got us a rock tumbler in the house. And I learned a thing or three that you need to know about this little so-called "toy" that every kid asks for at least once in their life.

Life lessons, courtesy of my pocketbook, in contribution to the public good. My post today at Aiming Low, where the money you save will be your own -- unless you need an idea for a good post, then by all means, tumble away.

What I can tell you about rock tumblers, at Aiming Low.

 *anything for you guys


  1. Bought that rock tumbler about 30 years ago, after one of the boys asked for it. Read the box and had different thoughts entirely. It's sitting on a shelf in the garage.

  2. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the kindness shown to me at the conference on a few occasions. I was alone and you made me feel comfortable in the sea of people and you took the time to point me to the "flock" breakfast. You even followed up the next day to make sure I found them. Thank you for sharing your story and putting me at ease. Not everyone knows the impression they make, so I wanted you to know you helped a lot. Had a great time and learned a lot of useful information. Thanks again!

    1. My pleasure, Winnie. I hope you made some new friends and internet buddies. So glad you were there, you will love finding your own people.




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