Friday, August 24, 2012

Back To School Blues

My kids are headed back to school. In just a few more days I'll find myself alongside them, hopeful for the new school year; that this time I'll learn the ways of the world, like, how to play well with others and not run with scissors.

I'm sure I'll fail once again.

My post is up today at Aiming Low, where I share how I feel about my three boys no longer being within an arms' reach of me in the morning while I chug (I've never been a sipper) my coffee.

This one's for you, my babies.

Brought to you by Aiming Low, New School Year Resolutions.  


  1. While I love humor and snark, I also love hearing all the moms who are sad that their kids are going back to school. My mom said I was her best little buddy growing up and missed me so much when I went back to school. She might have been lying and throwing fabulous keggers while I worked on subtraction in class, but I prefer to think she meant it.

    It says a lot that you and your boys are so close--about you and the people they are ;)

  2. I think you just have to keep the scissor tips pointed down!

  3. I'm back from A.L...
    I know the feeling very well. I grew up in a single parent household and although I grew up living with my mom, she had ZERO to do with my school. K through 12, it was zero...

    I always hated losing my kids to school each year. I knew it was for the good, but we always had fun seemed to get closer every summer. With most of the five kids, that is...

  4. Oops! Great post! You got a lot of feeling into your writing on this one. Really good...

  5. kachow! i'm back from checking out and commenting on your post!



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