Sunday, August 19, 2012


Signs of the apocalypse: I've got my In Case You Missed It up on a Sunday. Before noon. Hide your kids, hide your loved ones, that fireball from the sky is coming down fast.

Here's the best of what I found on the internet this week:

--A few weeks ago, I saw this tweet sent out: "Jerry Seinfeld's newest: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Must watch." And it is; each vignette about 8 minutes or so of you being able to eavesdrop on what funny people are like when they get together. The episode with Brian Regan, one of the funniest in stand-up, had me smiling from ear to ear (I love Brian anyway ...)

--I know I've talked about Marinka from MotherhoodinNYC oh ... about fifty times already, but truly, if you're not familiar with this blogger, then you're missing out on someone who has perfected the craft of  "the small." Marinka can pack a post in less than three or four paragraphs with all the ingredients of fine writing: interest, capture, pique, taking us there, and then the killer closer. She is one of the most easily identifiable voices on the internet; see for yourself here with her latest: "12 Things I Learned While White Water Rafting." (you can send me emails of thanks at my contact address above)

--I subscribe to , an excellent online resource for novel/short story writing tips and fundamentals. This piece here, on deconstructing story structure, is a keep-for-always post: "The Story Structure Demystified." Essential how-to of drawing a reader in.

--And some news we can celebrate when it happens to someone who deserves it: A book deal! See who's the latest to have landed something sweet: so very happy for you, dear lady. Much overdue and can't wait to read it.

Happy reading and enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Love your post round ups because you always have such good taste, I've found so many great blogs through you. Definitely have to check out story fix.

  2. ooo off to check out story fix...smiles...

    i am working with special ed children in the class room....and i even get to teach the poetry club...woohoo

  3. Thanks Lady! Your book is next!

    Couldn't agree more about Marinka. Truly one of the funniest people in all the internetz.

  4. Off to go watch "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee"!

  5. Thanks for the shout out Lady! Your book is next!!

    Couldn't agree more about Marinka. One of the funniest people on the internetz.

  6. oh ricky gervais. but i love the alec baldwin one best.

  7. Awesome links, Alexandra! Hope you're having a bitchin' weekend...



  8. Must flee! These all sound great!

  9. I loved that white water rafting post. Marinka cracks me up!



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