Monday, August 27, 2012


The first thing on my mind today is Finally. Rain.

I want to tell you how exciting the air smells right before a storm. How at the end of thunderous lightning and a pounding downpour, I can almost feel the day sighing, like a toddler spent from his tantrum.

Our lawns are equally, deeply green now. From those who closed their eyes to the pale straw-like blades that crunched beneath their children's bare feet to the ones who bit their lip at the sight of the dying turf when they'd pull into their driveways. Under the cover of darkness, they'd sneak in an extra sprinkling and a prayer before locking their doors for the night.

Rain was the great equalizer this week, and those whose lawns were once akin to hay feel redeemed in their faith that we'd all return to the verdancy of spring's end, and the ones who anxiously tended to their ailing, parched shoots feel relief at no longer having the sole responsibility of life heavily on their shoulders.

But talking about the weather means you've already run out of things to say, and I'm not there yet.

So let's talk about what was great this week, besides the rain:

In Case You Missed It: Things I loved on the internet: 

--Sadly, Neil Armstrong passed away this week. My Neil-loving children were heart broken, and this tribute here is one they watched many times this weekend. How can we not cry at the passing of this humble man who walked on the moon?, is how I'd express it. Though "ben" on this site, said it best: "Dude could land on a rock blindfolded with 10 secs of fuel left and not have a pulse rate above 50. What a ride."

--It's been brought back to life! While clothes shopping with my teens this week (post worthy, I assure you) I fell over from jumping up and down when aeropostale and american eagle had front-and-center mannequins dressed in THE DENIM SHIRT. The wild, wild west is back and since I never did get rid of the denim shirts I love, this is going to be the cheapest fashion season ever. And the one time I'm not late to the party.

--From The Happy Logophile, a post on remembering our manners when visiting other people's blogs. No one makes us click over, so let's keep in mind that we are visiting someone's virtual house. Wipe your feet and don't leave a mess behind.

--And from a very, very funny blog, Highly Irritable. Jeni writes of adventures in camping, somehow tossing in prison work-release programs and thong underwear, Campfire Stories. *dying*

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend.



  1. Having to mow the lawn, versus seeing it die, mowing wins! Congrats on the rain.

  2. um denim shirts being back...i am not sure on that one....smiles....we got lots of rain this weekend too, it was nice....

  3. Love rain, I do. The equalizing it and snow have both bring me deep contentment.

  4. Oh no! The wild west is back. No jean dresses ladies.

  5. just as long as jumpers don't return, i'm okay.

  6. So glad it rained! When I visited my mom in Indiana last month, the brown crispy grass looked apocalyptic. Corn dying on the stalk, ponds turned into mud flats, the whole deal. Was grim. I share your denim-shirt joy: a soft denim shirt is just the best thing, as are broken-in cowboy boots. You're such a hipster!

  7. I love when someone links a blog, I click to read it, and end up crying from laughter. Thanks. Campfire Stories was HILARIOUS.

  8. Denim will never ever go out style in this house. Or at least in the part of the house where my clothing resides. All hail to the best damn material in the universe.

  9. I hang on to fashions in hopes they'll return and every single time I decide to finally let them go, the trend comes back within a year. Denim shirts, for instance. Aaaargh!



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