Saturday, October 27, 2012

Adventures of Middle Age Mom

A new series has begun at Aiming Low, where I get to share how awesome it is to be a middle age mom in this new modern world.

Technology advances overnight in the year 2012, and when you come from a childhood of three television channels while growing up and a phone that had to be attached to a wall, I am a stranger walking in a strange land when I enter the world of my children.

Come with me today, courtesy of Aiming Low, and read what it's like when MAM, decides to go video-game shopping at Joystick Junction.

*Thank you so much for reading, and supporting, my stories on the internet. You guys are da bomb (though my kids say "don't say that anymore, mom")

Seriously, thank you.


1 comment:

  1. Why? What's wrong with da bomb?...Ugh, I can't keep up. Am keeping up with you though: off to Aiming Low!



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