Monday, October 15, 2012


There was so much great out here this week. Some exciting new finds, and some old friends that continue to impress me with their gift of putting the perfect words down.

My list of In Case You Missed It, and if you did, it is some seriously good stuff:

--A post that made me laugh out loud, and laugh even louder when I heard this wordsmith act it out in person at the Aiming Low conference this weekend. Laurie White from Laurie Writes, with How Not To Traffic Drugs Across The Country but Look Like You Are

--A group website I have long followed, and kick myself in the butt for not remembering to mention them here before; a collective of women who want to change the energy on the internet: mamas against drama, with How To Talk To Your Child About Difficult Subjects.

--A sweetly brave post, about the day a 12-year-old girl makes up her mind to change her life, and not be shy any more (can you see why I love this?) by Life as Leigh Sees It, and Fake It Until You Make It.

--The best for last: from one of my real-life superheroes: Anissa Mayhew of #FreeAnissa. In my mind, this woman leaps tall buildings in a single bound, all while in a wheel chair. A post that brings tears to my eyes with the ferocious determination to get things done, and letting nothing hold her back: Anissa with Startling Realization.

Some quality reading here, folks, I hope you click over and get to know at least one of these sites: I promise you, a rewarding read: every single one.

Hope you all had a good weekend. My weekend at Aiming Low's Non-conference was more than I could have imagined it would be. A great, great time and I'm so honored to have been a part of it.



  1. glad you had a great weekend empress....happy monday to you...

  2. These all sound fantastic! So glad you are back, and that you had fun while you were gone.

  3. Thanks! Honored to be on your list and am definitely going to check the others out! I will be on cloud nine all day -- and that is an accomplishment given that my kids kept me up all night!

  4. You have made my rainy Monday as well. Thank you so much for including me. It was great meeting you. Thanks for having the courage to ride with me. :)

  5. I'll definitely be checking these out!

  6. You were kind not to tell the people how much I paid you for this.

    Spending time with you was a joy for me. Thank you for giving me words that made me actually not just cope but have more fun on Saturday night than I have had in months. It made a huge difference for me. I'm going to keep telling people about it. too.

    1. Your story made me laugh as hard as that one time I heard about a crazy woman that called Animal Protection about duck on duck attacks.


  7. You always know where the best stuff is.


  8. I always love finding new voices. My RSS feed is out of control for that reason.

  9. I'm so intrigued by the drug trafficking post! Ha!

  10. **Timewarp wormhole sounds** Whoa!! How'd I get here?! I am so out of practice on blogs these days. Thanks for giving me the motherload to practice up on. I missed you, lady!!!!

  11. Thank you for this great list, Alexandra. I'm still waiting to hear all about your conference! Hope you had a wonderful time, momma! XOXO



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