Thursday, October 4, 2012

Doctor, Is It Reversible??

No, I'm not talking about my husband and the big V. Today, I'm confessing; telling you about what my husband and I did -- with all the intendedness of providing the best for our three children -- we thought we were doing what we should be doing, and now we wonder, can it be undone? Were we wrong??

Is it too late???

Please, hold my hand, and tell me it'll all be okay.

I need to hear it. My post today, via Aiming Low, What Happens When the Best Intentioned Plans Go Awry.

**Thank you to everyone who visits and supports my writing at other websites besides this blog. It means so much to me, and you encourage me in a very big way. THANK YOU.


  1. You've done your best for your children. You should not doubt what you've done or your capacity. You've done everything for their own good.
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  2. Uh low did you aim? Heading over!



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