Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pongan el Papel!

Who hasn't heard these words growing up, right?

I like to kid myself that my upbringing was not as strange as I remember it.

The amazing Aiming Low humor site indulges me by allowing me their space to process all that came at me at lightning speed while I was growing up.

Like the phrase, "Pongan el papel!"

My post at Aiming Low today, the pieces that explain what you see here before you, every day.

Pongan el papel! You can apply it so so many things. [a clue, and also: pun intended]

*Thanks for visiting there. I appreciate it is so much.


  1. Ok, I went to aiming low (hee hee hee), but now have to go to google translator! And still waiting for the tiny tot percolator pic. I posted by 2 1/2 year old with grandpa the hairdresser one!

  2. Ok, accidentally googled "pongan el papel", and this post was the first entry to come up...ha!



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