Monday, October 22, 2012


In Case You Missed It:

--A great new website that my kids and I fell in love with: retronaut. Click over, you'll see what I mean.

--Taking Mom For a Drive, a post that is so much more than about that. By Varda, of A Squashed Bologna. The care of our elderly is a topic that needs to be brought up, and we need to model for our children. A beautiful, beautiful post, written with a determined love and fight for the dignity of our aging parents.

--From my Anna, of An Inch of Gray. A deeply thoughtful post, with words we all can understand: what do we do with the life we get, when it's so far from the life we hoped for. Touching in a way that leaves you changed--even if for just a day, but it'll set you on a different path. (I love Anna.) Is That How It Works.

--A compelling, authentic post, sadly based on someone coming forward with their truth, and what happens to the world around them when they tell that truth--as well as their triumph. From my new friend, Casey, at LifewithRoozle.

Happy Reading, and we're half-way through Monday already!



  1. Thank you SO much for including me here!

  2. I always love your to see what I missed...xoxo

  3. smiles...sounds like a good crop of coolness...thanks for popping in out for those deer...smiles....and tell e hi for me...

  4. Awesome roundup, as usual!

    Sorry I've been thin on comments lately - I'm in the home stretch on this project and will be back to "normal" soon!

    Hope all is well!



  5. Great roundup, with Anna and Varda who I already love and some new-to-me posts too! thanks.

  6. Thank you friend. Just saw I'm on here. Love to you, too, always.

  7. Off to read. Glad you do this every week!

  8. Loved Anna's - now off to read the other two.



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