Tuesday, October 16, 2012

For The What Just Happened Moments

What if there were a way to help you make sense of things, when unsensible things happen? Like, when you look before you pull out of the garage but you still hit the car left in the driveway behind you. Or leaving home with plenty of time to make it to an important appointment, but you get stuck in unmovable traffic, and forget to bring the phone number you need along with you.

Let's pretend it's not just me, and think of how wonderful it would be to have something that deconstructs the what just happened moments in life.

Brought to you by Aiming Low, maybe this idea can help.


  1. I am on my way! All of those scenes sound familiar. Before I leave, though, I have to thank you for stopping by my blog in recent weeks! I have missed your place and regret that my real life has eclipsed my blogging life lately. Thanks for your nice words about my NickMom posts. I appreciate your support so much!

  2. Ha! To make sense of it would limit the blog potential. When these things happen, I'm always left trying to figure out what the universe is trying to teach me. Patience? Or never plan too well, because it will just bite you in the arse.

  3. If it's,really not just me, I might need a new blog name! Small price to pay.



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