Thursday, October 11, 2012

This Time, I'll Remember All This Stuff

If you've been following me along this week, you've probably seen on twitter and on the website Aiming Low, that Aiming Low is holding their conference this weekend in beautiful Callaway Gardens, Georgia.

I'll be hosting a RoundTable session there on Friday, and I wish you all could be there. (would be so great) The opening keynote for Aiming Low's first ever "non-conference" is by JC Little, the astonishingly talented artist who blogs at The Animated Woman, and closing out the weekend is Ree Drummond, of The Pioneer Woman.

This is my 4th conference (I know!) and with each one, I've come back smarter and determined to do things differently at the next one.

I made my list tonight of the things I remembered I have to remember to do at a conference. It's typed up and coming with me:

This Time, I Will Remember To:

--Bring my camera along

--Take important phone numbers along

--Find out people's real names so you don't ask Kymberli if she knows when JW Moxie is coming in (oh, she'll know. Since SHE is JW Moxie)

--Pack snacks because planes do get stuck on runways

--Take the address of the hotel I'll be staying in

--Remember the business cards

--Remember the toothbrush and floss (throw in extra floss)

--Hand lotion is nice, too

--Buy my family souvenirs RIGHT AWAY because you always run out of time

--Make sure that I have my driver's license

--Drink water before I go so I don't get light headed

--Bring my glasses so I can read and see and drive

--Don't pack big liquid bottles in the carry-on, they'll just throw it out. And pull me out of the line to ask my permission to throw it out.

--Take only four outfits and nothing more. They're only clothes.

--Remember the cell phone and charger!!!

--Tylenol tylenol and tylenol.

--Talk to people I don't know. Maybe they'll appreciate it, maybe they won't. But it's the right thing to do.

--Don't get hurt if someone looks at me funny when I try to talk to them. It could be that they forgot the Tylenol tylenol and tylenol.

--Take breaks in bathrooms to deep breathe and relax. Deep breathe and relax. I paid, I'm there, don't think "your money's worth" means being in learning mode the whole time. The money's done been spent already.

--Remember that I came to meet people I've liked online for so long. Don't expect grand things, but if something blossoms beyond the computer, take it like that extra scoop of ice cream Mr. Ottenstein used to give me with a wink when I was little.

I'll be back Sunday night, and let you know all about it. In the meantime, if you want to see the gorgeous Callaway Garden Resort where Aiming Low is having their conference, looky here.

Yeah. (I know!)



  1. You'll have such an awesome time!!

    (once I forgot to bring underwear for a 2-day work trip. Oops)

  2. Except that it's blog related, this sounds like every trip I've ever taken... prepare, prepare, prepare. Yep, I always overdo it on the preparation. Just don't forget to have a good time. Sometimes I'd prepare so much, I'd forget that part!

  3. The venue is stunning! Anissa did a tremendous job putting this all together and I love that it's a non-conference with no extra fees. I hope it's a huge success for you all.

    At that BlogHer 11 lunch I had an entire conversation with a woman who struck me as acting weird. She was looking at me like I was an outsider. I knew who she was but she had no idea who I was. Finally she said, "I'm sorry, I don't know you, who are you?" And when I introduced myself she jumped up and said, OHMYGOD I KNOW YOU!

    And that's how I met Mamakatslosingit.

  4. Sounds like you have got this one down! And good call with the Tylenol tylenol and tylenol. Go have a blast :)

  5. Can't wait to see you. Also I need to finish cleaning the house, shower and finish packing!

  6. Oh, you are so close (to me), Alexandra! Well, 6 hours by car. But at least you're in the same part of the region :-) I am hoping that one of these days we'll be able to meet at a conference! You have a good time, and I'm so glad you got your glasses!! xo

  7. I'm still really upset to miss this, but, I'm trying to deal as best I can. It's not going well, what with this constant vodka, but I'll be fine by Sunday when it's all over, I'm sure.

  8. Have a fantastic time at the conference! Sounds like you might need to borrow my gigantic suitcase. *oomph*



  9. You are so right about buying the family souvenirs immediately. You will run out of time and you will end up buying crap at the airport.

  10. Have fun. And talking to people we don't know is exactly what I've been practicing at home (not in my house because it's clearly not full of strangers but in my town). It's been AWESOME and AWKWARD. and totally the right thing to do.

  11. Have fun! I am so sad that I won't be there to squishy hug you and pass out hugs like lolly pops to all my Aiming Lowers! Give em all an extra squeeze for me. I know its going to be amazing.

  12. So so SOOOO friggin neat! Have yourself a merry little conference. Can't wait to hear about it when you return. XOXO

  13. ME! You forgot to take me! Have a super fantastical time!

  14. Oh my freaking' funny:

    "Find out people's real names so you don't ask Kymberli if she knows when JW Moxie is coming in (oh, she'll know. Since SHE is JW Moxie)"

    Hahahaha! Outstanding! I would totally do that. As soon as I figure out a new header, the next thing is a new widget. AFter a new widget is a new button. After a new button, I will make business cards. ANd then I'll start going to conventions. We will meet. Oh yes we will.

  15. The souvenir thing is key! The last two trips I was on I was scrambling to find things at the airport (which never has as much as you think they would!) because I ran out of time!

  16. I'm not going, but my friend Sarah is. Have so much fun! Oh yes, and the last trip I took, I wore a sports bra on the train and forgot to pack any others! And, my trip was to NYC, where the cost of bras was something like $453,000 a piece.

  17. Man, wish I could have gone! Hope you are having a huge blast :)

  18. Well as someone who you didn't know at BH12 and who you talked to...YES talk to people because meeting you was the highpoint (well, and that unicorn cake, and Arnebya's chipotle post, and...) of my conference. Have grand time! Or rather - aiming low - have a reasonably good time.

  19. ha ha ha ha ha you SAID it. About the key stuff to remember. And I especially like your tips on the bathroom breaks (something that never occurs to me- I'd rather feel like I've been lasered to the wall with anxiety and insecurities and never ever take a break cause it's just so MUCH FUN to meet new people aaaarghhh) Wish I were there too cause ur so much fun. XXX

  20. You're going??? How cool - I wish I could go. Have a great time!

  21. Well cripes! I was in Georgia Last week. And if I had known about this I'd have been back! Oh well, you're almost close enough, to feel the breeze from me waving. Hope you're having fun!

  22. I can't wait to hear about it! Hope you had so much fun.

  23. You really are the nicest Empress I've ever met. I loved how you made everyone feel included in your RoundTable. We are all a part of the story!



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