Monday, January 31, 2011

Bored Games - Baby E Post

Me and My Magic Kit-one of my bored games
I have this very cool magic kit. And it has a lot of tricks that will amaze you and your friends.  They even have the balls in the cups trick.  It even comes with a video to show you how to do it. And a book with over 250 tricks. I keep my magic kit in the front closet with the other bored games. For when you're bored. My mom gets mad at my brothers when I say they're bored games, and they tell me I'm wrong. My mom tells them I am right.

I'm in Tae Kwon Do and I'm about to move up a belt. Today is my test. At 5:15.

My mom is obsessed with giant Nutcrackers.

This post is kinda random.

I play this fun online game and if you have kids, who are like ten or below, they will like this game. It's called Kung Fu Panda World. Just type it in on Google and it comes up. It's cool because you get to make your own panda, tiger, or a monkey. And there's this thing called Chi and whenever you get enough of that you move up a belt. If you have kids that like stuff like this, they will like it.

I am Belt Level 4 in that game.

My mom just asked, "Do you want to talk about the snowstorm?" and I said, "nooo...I'm not a weatherman."

Well, my mom got me a new Uglydoll journal. And for Christmas, I got this cool book that tells you how to make normal boring drawings into funny drawings. It's called "How To Draw Funny." I like it because it tells you that you don't have to be funny to draw funny things. Though it's kind of hard at first, but it works. 

They give you tracings, the outline, and so it always works.

Oh! I got two new HUGE  Uglydolls. I will show you pictures when my mom takes them.

There is going to be snow today. I hope it's not too cold that I can go outside. And have my friends come over.

P.S. To the lady who got my chocolate truffles: "Hi. And make your kid try to play that game Kung Fu Panda World."

P.P.S. My mom had a party for her kitchen ladies from work, and my dad made us watch this movie upstairs that was really old because the people had funny clothes in it. He said it was from the 70's.


I wish the weekend wasn't over.

I do know why they call them bored games, because you do play them when you're bored. We have a closet in the front part of the house that is all bored games. And I am right.



  1. I'm down with the term bored games. Absolutely. And I think I had the same conversation about the weather with my husband last night:

    Him: Can you believe the snow that's coming?
    Me: Huh.
    Him: Snow, Trisha. Big bad storm coming in.
    Me: Whatever. Wait, will I get a snow day?

  2. May I recommend the game, "Blokus" because when you're not playing it, you can make porn scenes out of the colored tiles.

    Don't ask me how I know this.

  3. Love it that your mom likes giant nutcrackers and that you thought of it right at that moment to share it with us :)

  4. I am with you on hoping that it snows. They're saying a blizzard...I wonder.

    Here's hoping your belt test goes well! Do you get to break a bored? HA! Get it?

  5. I really love magic tricks and I want to keep the magic alive.....I never want to know how the tricks are done~

  6. I love bored/board games! Good luck with the belt test, Baby E!

  7. Bored games indeed...I am especially bored when I'm playing the 4th straight game of Candyland.

    I love Baby E's posts!

  8. Good luck on your belt testing. Which rank are you going for? Boy wonder tests on Friday. He is going for level 1 brown belt. I hope yours goes well.

    I am also going to show him Kung Fu Panda world. He'll love it.

  9. I always love Baby E posts :) And I totally think I had the same magic kit when I was younger; so much fun! Glad you have some bored games to keep you occupied with all this snow we've been having!

  10. My son Angus got a magic kit when he was five or six and he was kind of upset because, as he said "I don't want to TRICK people, I want to do MAGIC!" A little unclear on the concept, I guess. Also, we play a lot of Yahtzee, which is usually not boring because at some point my husband will pick up the dice and instead of tossing them in the shaking cup he'll chuck them in his drink. My kids find this highly amusing.

  11. Thanks for the recommendation Baby E. i am off to play... And you are right... bored games are games we play when we are bored. You are right.

  12. I'm not a big gamer so I have to be really bored to play a board game. Though I do like Apples to Apples and Trivia Pursuit.

  13. Kung Fu Panda World? How is it we did not know of this? Thank you Baby E. You are a wealth of information. Good luck on your belt, hopefully your pants will stay up and they'll give you a great mark!

  14. e,

    best wishes for your test today. tae kwon do is really cool. will show my boys the kung fu panda game when they get home from school...i know they will like it.

    ok we need to see some of these funny pictures you are drawing as well. logan (my oldest) loves to draw. may have to check out that book for him as well.

    keep making magic. smiles.


  15. E, thanks for the heads up about the online game! My boys will LOVE it, I'm sure.
    And I want to see your funny drawings.
    Good luck with your test today!

  16. E, Have you ever played Apples to Apples Jr? NOT a bored game! I'll have my daughter check out that Kung Fu Panda website, it sounds pretty cool, and she loves that movie too. And people in the 70's did wear funny clothes. I have pictures to prove it! Good luck on your test!

  17. we don't have to spend a lot of time inside, but my granddaughter loves board (bored to me) games...some of them are the same ones we played when I was a kid...

  18. Well good luck on your test today, I'm sure you'll be a rock star.

  19. How could anyone ever be bored with Baby E. around??? :)

  20. Oh I LOVE Ugly Dolls, they are my favorite! Good luck on your test today Baby E!

  21. Well Baby E, if those people in the 1970's movie wore strange clothes, I shudder to think what you'd think of me! And you? You are so funny and smart. It is nice that you don't have to be funny to draw funny but you are.

    I love those Ugly Dolls, by the way. I wish one of my kids were cool enough to have them. Maybe I'll just get one for myself.

    Again, an awesome post Baby E! Good luck on your belt test!

  22. Hi Baby E...
    My toddler loves the movie Kung Fu Panda...ok, I love Kung Fu Panda and I'm like 30....which translates to super old, but not as old as your Mom. Shhh. Don't tell her I said that. I really like your Mom and thinks she's super cool to let you write your own posts. You may just be cooler than Justin Beaver...Bieber or whatever his name is.
    Enjoy that snow!
    Canadian Kim

  23. I hope you get to enjoy the big snow! We're only getting ice and rain here which is totally boring.

    I'll tell my boys about Kung Fu Panda. They loved that movie. Hope you did well on your belt test.

  24. My daughter is probably a little young for the online panda game. No one better mess with Baby E though. He's got a lot of Kung Fu experience!

  25. When is the Baby E magic trick vlog?

  26. "Hi. And make your kid try to play that Kung Fu Panda World game." That was my favorite line.

  27. Hey now! i want to hear more about your giant nutcracker obsession!

  28. I like random, E. That's the way my mind works too. and something tells me I'm not going to have to do too much work "Making" my kid try Kung Fu Panda World game. In fact, I think I'll check it out now and download it for her. (That's how much I trust you, little dude.) Pass the belt test? Good for you! (Again with the trust...)

  29. Oh so no download involved. I'll just leave it up and see who wakes me up early having discovered it for herself.

  30. Baby E, you write the best posts!!!

    And all those tips - I think you and my son are alot alike (he's turning 7), if not identical. He will love everything you talked about, and I am taking notes on all the titles. I do want to ask you though - what is the name of your magic kit (seriously)? My son just borrowed a gigantic magic tricks book from the library but a magic kit might be easier to work with.

    Bored games - of course you are right!!

    And hope you did well in tae kwon do!!

  31. Hey Baby E, I hope you got your new belt! "bored games", yes, you are not only right you are also funny : )

  32. Hey! Your name is like my baby's name. I call her Baby E too! Good luck today and teach us some magic tricks. I love to watch magic! (But explain how you did the trick because I ALWAYS want to know and they never explain it!) =)

  33. I just read about you Baby E and you're a he and not a she. MY BAD. And a little bit older than my one year old. I got a little excited and ahead of myself. Sorry Baby E!

  34. how did the test go?! my brother is a black belt in tae kwan do. he even made a commercial he entered for some drink where he had to fight a guy. it was pretty cool, actually.

    board games are totally for when you're always ends up being a good time though. :)

  35. Hope the test goes well!!
    You're posts are my favorite! Great work!

  36. I LOVE random posts! How funny that your mom likes giant nutcrackers. Can't tell you why I think that's funny...a bit of adult humor. And send some snow our way! I figure if it's going to be this cold, it might as well snow so we can have some snowball fights.

    Tell your mom I say hi!

  37. Baby E, how did the belt test go? I bet you were the best one there!

    I think some board games are boring, too. But not Monopoly. I love that one.

    I love Uglydolls and am jealous of yours and your new notebook!

  38. If you tell your parents to move to Los Angeles you will enjoy 85 degree weather, like today. However you will still be given lots of opportunities to play bored games.

  39. I hope your weather is okay, Baby E. Although, if some sort of weather can happen to give you a day off, I hope you get that kind of weather. Days off from school rule!

    My daughter got a magic kit for Christmas and she is constantly amazing us with all of her great tricks.

    I hope your belt test went great.

    I want to see your Uglydolls.

  40. You are all so wonderful to visit Baby E.

    Thank you so much. You don't know how great you all are. xo

  41. Baby E - that was funny, what you said about not being a weatherman. Did you like the 70's movie?

  42. My apologies for being tardy, Baby E. First, I guess I'm really old. I, too, am from the 70's. Sigh. Second, yes, you are right. Obviously. Third, Ugly Dolls rule. xoxo, Mama Chalupa

  43. Hi Baby E -

    My apologies for being late!

    I would like for you to post some of these funny drawings. I'm a good judge of funny.

    Also, please tell your mom that the Nutcracker obsession needs some explaining. Specifically, the "giant" part. Is it a giant obsession, or giant nutcrackers?

    These things can keep a person awake at night!

  44. Oh, hope your test went well, Baby E! And thanks for sharing the Kung Fu Panda World game - my little boy would love something like that - so much more fun than those bored games;)

  45. Haha! Bored games...I love bored games!

    We are going to have to check out that Kung Fu Panda game, thank you Baby E!

  46. Obsessed with giant nutcrackers, huh? Interesting.

    And, you are definitely right about bored games, Baby E. Definitely!



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