Monday, January 24, 2011

Dreams Should Be Netflix - Baby E Post

From Mommakiss, and my mom WANTED it
This is a picture of me with a thing we got from a blogger that my mom really likes, Mommakiss. And my mom wanted this. It makes her laugh. We have it for a year and then some else gets it. My mom says if she has anyone's address they should be scared.

Hi. It's Baby E. It's cold here today, but I hope not too cold that I can't go outside. I love to go outside and build snowforts and climb under them. I can stay outside a looooooooooooooooong time. Longer than anyone.

We bought a new microwave oven yesterday. My mom came home with it and my dad saw it and he said, "Alexandra now we can't send the kids to college."

Every time my mom buys something he says, "the kids can't go to college now."

But yes we can because I told my dad mom has a lot of useless stuff around the house she can sell and we can go to college with that. Like these big Mexican clay bells in the kitchen, you should see them. They are huge, and do nothing, my dad says.

I wanted this microwave oven, too, because it has a lot of settings and it is powerful! My superpretzel was done crispy like at the fair, in 30 seconds. It is an UltraOven.

Remember I said that last week I just began having dreams and sleeping? It's true. Before then, I would wake up awake. But now I'm having dreams...and sleeping is dangerous.

When I go to sleep, I wish you could pick your dreams like Netflix. I would pick adventure dreams like Guardians of  Ga'Hoole.

I loved that movie. That's the kind of dream I would always order.

Now, I'm reading The 39 Clues book series. 

There are 10 books, and I finished 4 of them already. I started one Friday, and am almost done today. I have one more chapter left.  I get very involved in my books, and cannot do chores when I'm reading. I told my mom that when she asked me to set the table. She said she knows what that's like and let me finish my chapter.

My mom is so behind with me, that I'm going to talk about Christmas stuff today. Can you believe we saw 3 versions of the Christmas Carol? My mom loves that movie and she is crazy like that. And we saw the live play, too! But that one was awesome.

I love The 39 Clues book series because they give so many describing words that make things real in your brain. I love these books. My brother read the first one and told me I would like it. He said he didn't know I would like it so much. The words in the book make you see the things in your head--it's awesome.

My dad won't let my mom go to Costco with us when we go on the weekends, because he says that if she comes with us, she'll buy everything, and then we can't go to college.




  1. hey =) i like your blog!!!

    feel free to visit mine at


  2. You need to christen the new microwave with a big plate of marshmellows! Nuke them on high for at least 2 minutes! No, just kidding, don't do that.
    If you did you would might have some very scary dreams after.

  3. I'm glad to hear you ike the 39 Clues, Baby E. I am thinking about introducing Boy Wonder to that series. He's reading a lot of different things right now. Just finishing up all 40+ books in Magic Tree House series and he's ready for something else that's really good.

  4. Marshmallow! It's Marshmallows! Get the really big ones, they are the size of your hand!

  5. I need to get my boys to watch Guardians of Ga'Hoole. I have been curious about it. And no joke, I wish my dreams were like Netflix, too. I had terrible dreams last night and woke up 30 mins before my alarm was supposed to go off. That stinks. I'll also have to check out the 39 Clues book series, too. Mo likes to read series and we just finished Harry Potter... well *I* just finished HP... I was telling them about it and I think I'll borrow the dramatized version of the audiobook so they can hear it. Hope you have a great week, Baby E, and I really am kinda scared because I know your mom has my address!

  6. Oh man...if we could only pick our dreams. Even if we only were able to pick ONE. I know exactly what I would choose and I would totally be okay with that same dream over and over for the rest of my life!

    Enjoy your new! I'd be excited for popcorn!

  7. You know, Baby E, I can't do my chores when I'm really involved in a good book, either.

    It's AWESOME.

    I'll tuck away the 39 Clues for when my Small Boy can read on his own.

    Thanks for the endorsement.

  8. e,

    you had me rolling today...hope you get to go out and play in the snow forts today. just think if someone else gets that you dont ever have to pose with it again.

    so the 39 clues books sound good. will have to check them out for my oldest boy. we enjoyed guardians as well.

    if i could netflix dreams it would have to be action adventure...maybe indiana jones...your mom can probably explain that if you dont know who he is. think treasure hunting.

    have a wonderful day!


  9. I think we should petition for some Netflix dreaming technology. There's someone out there who knows how to do this and it sounds awesome.

  10. BWhahaha the can't go to college thing is cracking me up.. sounds like something my hubby would say given the ability..

  11. It's a fact.. parents that shop at Costco cannot afford to send their children to college. Thank goodness they pay the hot dog slingers $12/hour. At least our kids can work there!

  12. I wish I could pick my dreams too. That would be a great power to have.

    I haven't heard about the 39Clues books, but will follow the link and look at them. My daughter loves to read, and she is always looking for something new.

  13. Cheese sandwiches. Bread and cheese....that's what I always did as a kid with the new microwave.

  14. Baby E always makes me think. I wish I could order dreams, too. I would always want to spend time with people I miss the most. And travel all over the world - but then I haven't been all over the world, so would I know what to dream? Hmmm...

  15. Baby E - I think you and my boys would get along fabulously! They loved The Guardians and 39 Clues, too. Also, they go outside and play in the snow no matter how cold it is. They just layer up the clothes and drink some hot chocolate later.

  16. Momma Kiss sent you that freaky Santa!

    Your mama is so cool that you might want to rethink college and stay home anyway, E.

    Ooops, that was bad parenting, wasn't it??

  17. Baby E - my husband isn't allowed to go to Costco anymore either - because he'll invariably come home with a flat screen t.v. and a wet suit. And then our kids won't be able to go to college either.

  18. You don't need to order dreams, Baby E. Just treat each one as a new surprise adventure. And also? You can make decisions in your dreams. If they start to get scary you can make a change. It takes practice. But it can be done.

  19. Brian--so glad we made you laugh today. Baby E lives for your comments. He always ask, "Did Brian come yet?" Thanks so much for that. Thrilling a little kid like that, so very kind.

  20. So, Baby son is 7 and a half and he LOVES to read. Are those books good for him? He can read chapter books and likes Junie B. Jones and Star Wars. :)

  21. Dear Baby E, you write one of the best posts I come across. The ordering your dreams like NetFlix is an awesome idea. Perhaps you could go into a science research/invention field and work on this idea! (I am all serious about this)

    I think your mom is being SUPER by letting you finish that chapter. Please let your mom know that she has inspired me to allow my son to do this from now on without worrying that I may be spoiling him.

  22. " the kids can't go to college." - Hilarious. Sounds like something my jokester of a husband would say - over and over.

  23. Dear Baby E,
    I wish that we could pick our dreams too. Just know that the dreams that you have are just dreams and are not real ok? But you should tell your mom to hide that Santa. He's kind of scary.
    I am so glad that you love reading. My son is only 2 but he pretends to read. You think he'll be able to read as good as you? I hope so. It's so important to know how to read. You'll go far in this world if you do ;)

  24. Baby E--I wish my dreams could be streamed through Netflix. I would be able to catch up on the movies I never have time to watch when I'm awake. And I also get really caught up in my books. Keep reading!

  25. When I was pregnant my dreams were so vivid I really, really thought they were real. Like I had had conversations with my husband, or my mom, or my friends right before going to sleep (in my dream) and then I'd talk to them about them the next day and they had no idea what I was talking about. Hey, now that I think about, I wonder if I really DID have those conversations with them and it was a big conspiracy to make me think I was crazy! Ha! Regardless, this post was awesome, and that Christmas present thing is awesome, AND freaky!

  26. I love that you're such a little bookworm, Baby E.! Reading is the best escape - and such a great way to learn. As for college, don't sweat it. You're mom will be making millions as a big time blogger by then. Mark my words.

  27. A few things, E:

    -I need to look into this microwave your mom bought. Crispy pretzels like at the fair, you say? In 39 seconds? Yes. This I need to investigate.

    -My Twin B is a little older than you and loved the 39 Clues series, too. Have you read any of the Percy Jackson books? If not, he thinks you might like to. Twin B, I mean. Not Percy.

    -I'm sure you already do this, but I wanted to point out that getting really great grades in school will earn you a scholarship. Then your mom can buy everything AND you still get to go to college. Win-win.

  28. Candace says:

    Mark is funny. And we're reading Percy Jackson right now, but will read 39 Clues after that. We miss you all.

  29. Very Very Good writing Baby E...
    There is a Stylish Blogger Award for you and the Empress at my Blog!!

  30. College fund spent at Cosco? That would be fun to explain to the kids.

  31. Baby E.

    I apologize in advance for freaking you out with Evil Santa. I sent it to your Momma, but I didn't know she'd torment you with him. Serious. Apologies.

    To people who may be in The Royal Family's address book - HAHAHAHAHAHAAAHHH!

    Ok, now Baby E, I'm so glad you're reading. Reading is totally cool - keep it up, kid. Just don't microwave the books. It won't turn out well.

  32. Do we need to have a little chat about your Costco shopping habits, Alexandra!?!?

    Tsk, tsk!

  33. Baby E, you rock. You and my son should hang out and exchange stories because both of your mothers are crazy.

    We have friends who have this horrible armadillo statue that they "gift" between three households. The people who have it try to hide it in one of the other family's houses when they're over. Then the family finally finds it and has to sneak it to someone else's house. That Santa thing reminds me of that. I'm never giving you my address.

  34. I love these Baby E. posts! I was laughing out loud at the thought of your husband and the "can't go to college" bit. Hahaha!! That sounds like soemthing my husband would say.

  35. B.E. Your dad is funny, don't you think? It's really nice of your mom to let you finish a chapter. I don't always do that with my kids. I'm all like "NOW!"

  36. Hey E! Nice to see you again this week.

    I can see why you wouldn't want to pose for a picture with that thing from Mommakiss. Mom's can be so silly.

    I know your mom will write a book someday so you'll still be able to go to college and enjoy your new microwave. Win-Win!

  37. Well, Baby E, when the time comes you just might want to start gathering stuff around in your house and post them on could also start a fundraising drive here on your mom's blog (call it "Send Baby E to College Fund")...oh! and you should write a book!! I swear it will sell like hotcakes.

    I am seriously going to check out 39 Clues for my son!!

    I love that you love reading and dreaming :-) I can tell you are a great storyteller!

  38. Oh Baby E... I love your stories! Particularly the ones that give juicy details about your mom, although I'm fairly certain I could have sent a child to college with the amount I've spent at Costco, so I really can't judge ;)

    Have you ever read Choose Your Own Adventure books? They were my favorite as a child. You read a few pages and then have to decide what happens next. You can read each book over and over, picking different outcomes. I think you'd really like them!

    Before I fall asleep I daydream about what I want to happen in my dreams. It doesn't always work but sometimes it does.

    See you next week! :)

  39. Haha! Love that. Your dad rocks!

  40. Baby E, what is that thing your mom has you wearing? Is it a calendar? Some sort of Christmas apron or just a stuffed santa hanging from your arms? She owes you college and an amazing trip to Costco for posing for this one.

    Great story Baby E.

  41. Haha! Oh Baby E, your posts always make me smile. "Dreams should be on netflix"...what a clever idea...wouldn't that be awesome.

  42. That's hilarious! And I'm not surprised about Costco. Every time I go there I spend my chidlren's entire college fund as well. It is a very very dangerous place.

  43. Love these letters, and I cracked up about the college line!

    My husband jokes that our daughter can either get married OR go to college. And I've been banned from Costco entirely. Whatever.



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