Friday, January 14, 2011

Why, Yes......

Well, why, yes, Chalupa! As a matter of fact, I'd LOVE to come over and tell you about how crazy my husband is.....

Gone visiting! hope to see you here at The Flying Chalupa 

**To my sweet girl, thanks for the invite, rock my world. xo


  1. hehe...i think it comes with the title husband.

  2. I have the opposite in a husband. Easily distracted, forgets where we are heading to, has to stop for food breaks every few miles and begs me to allow him to pull over for road side attractions.

    I'm glad you and your bladder survived!

  3. Hmmmm... You look different in that picture. ;)

  4. Hubby learned long ago that it is easier for him to stop and let me go pee.
    I'll leave it at that and you can let your imagination come up with any number of possibilities that could & would come his way if he did not stop!

  5. Dear Empress,
    Thank you so much for your fabulously witty post at my site today!
    Much love,
    Mama Chalupa

  6. This is why I do most of the driving. We stop when *I* say we stop.

    Oh look honey!!! An outlet mall!!!

  7. Man, I've made it to the big time. Someone from the royal family tweeted about me today. I feel special.

    Thanks for following and commenting. Now if I could only get to 579 followers I'd be in the big time too.

  8. An acoustic performance! Alexandra unplugged - nice!



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