Sunday, November 23, 2014

Everything You Need to Know About Christmas

Look at this nostalgia of a cover.

I'll bet the first thing you recognized was the shiny foil spine of  Little Golden Books. I found this holiday compilation at a gift shop last week and couldn't resist picking up one for myself. I knew immediately I was going to give a copy away here, too, because this is my blog and I get to do what I want. So I bought two.

This is what we have in the pages between that gorgeous cover. Each page features an illustration from past Golden Books, all ones that I grew up loving. Each picture set to inspirational encouragement for a peaceful, rush-free holiday season. "... the best thing about Christmas is about being together, so don't over do it!"

A copy of this book is yours, just leave a comment here. Your children will love looking at its enchanting drawings as much as you'll enjoy curling up to it with a mug of hot cocoa. Heartloving, heartlifting, and something to gather around and read to your little ones. Subtle reminders for us to not forget what's important and a book to leave out on your coffee table to warm your guests on their visits.

It's already a family favorite here and one book I'll bring out every holiday season. The lesson of  "Keep Christmas simple" is one I know I need to be reminded of every year. (I know it sounds like I'm selling this book or that I'm being compensated for this review. I'm not. I bought it myself and love it so much and want to share it with someone.)

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  1. (Not entering) I still have my kids Golden Books and my youngest is 32! I love them!

  2. Golden Books. Yes., Alexandra, you speak to my heart. Simplicity. Books that speak of Christmas, what it's SUPPOSED to be about.. It goes STRAIGHT to my heart. Defines who I am. I wish I knew you better. I feel as though I may have known you all along. You're just so cool. So happy (honored) to have found your blog. Blessings, sweet friend.

  3. You're pretty special like that!

  4. I saw this in one of the myriad of christmas catalogs that have been hitting my mailbox recently and earmarked the page for later consideration. Then I stumbled onto your blog from The More The Messier and you are giving it away. It's fate, I tell you. FATE!

    1. Sarah, you're the winner!! But your profile isn't connected to your avi and I can't find you!!!!

  5. Ms. A: Weren't the illustrations just captivating as a child? The book is beautiful.
    T: I hope you win!!
    Doni: Good luck!!! (the book is a treasure)
    Sarah: The book is fabulous. We have all looked at it over and over. It's just a treasure.

  6. I would love this! It's Riley's first Christmas!

  7. This looks wonderful! We have a collection of Golden Books floating around our house (because why would our books stay on the bookshelf?) that I've found at local thrift shops. They're just suck classics!

  8. Casey and Christine: I LOVE THIS BOOK.



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