Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mornings - NaBloPoMo Day5: Copycat Day

Day 5 of NaBloPoMo has been inspired by Casey from Life with Roozle. Casey did a “Monday Mornings” series and I just made it into "Wednesday Mornings." You can do that with NaBloPoMo, 30 days of blogging frenzy free-for-all, as long as you credit. You can see Casey's original post of  "Monday Mornings" here.

This is mine.

It was almost time to leave for school. We were going to be on time today. But we couldn't do a thing until I found my coffee. Everyone, help mama find her coffee.

We're going to make it! We have to be out of the house by 8:19 and with Auggie half packing his lunch for me all I have to do is heat up dinner from last night and if someone could tell me where the blue cap is to the camouflage thermos, we are in L U C K !

It is only Wednesday? It feels like Monday. I will have to come and work on this To Do List, that looks like it's still Monday, too.
This sneaky little child asked to check on his homework. That was about 20 minutes ago, come to think of it. OK now, I think you should have found out what you needed to know about Math by now. And, since when is there a laugh track that goes along to math assignments?

As long as no one finds where I hid the Halloween candy, this boy will have lunchtime surprises for a year.

When we have to be out the door by 8:19, 8:14 is not the time to tell me “Oh. Yeah. My shoelaces broke.”

Mornings. I think to this boy, they mean, “please send in all the athletic forms that I should have told you about last week or I can't go to basketball tonight.”

He doesn't see the need to comb his hair. "What for?" he asks, "the girls like me anyway."

Oh I can see why they do, I say back.

OK, 8:19. In the car! Garage door up! Don't forget your lunch. Here, give me a hug at home so I can really feel it. [oops. wrong hug. still, all hugs are great. This is my friend, Vikki. I miss her, too] 

Driving to school is when we pray together and talk about anyone who needs a special prayer that day. There is always someone, and we hold them in our hearts for the ten minute drive.

We're at school and I drop him off for the day. I won't see him until pick up time and then it's basketball practice. He's here in enough time before class for the ten minutes extra he likes so he can settle in first. “No one wants to walk in and start to work right away,” he tells me. Yes, he's right, no one likes that. Which is why I'm going to take myself to my favorite coffee shop, and have a French Toast Vanilla Latte.

Because no one likes to start to work right away.
* * *
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  1. I totally should have taken myself to a coffee shop this morning, because I don't like to start work right away, either. At least I have my Thursday morning planned now.

    Love that your drive to school is prayer time. That is the perfect way to really start your day.

  2. Thanks for sharing your morning! Beautiful and very cool. What a positive start!

  3. Thanks, everyone. For a truly adorable one, you must stop over and see Casey's Monday Morning post.

  4. I love this, and I seriously thought you saw Vikki today. And almost flipped out on you both. Whew.

    But this rocks.

    And hello? French Toast Vanilla Latte? WHAT? Where? I need one!

  5. I love that your coffee cup is in the most random places.
    Want to have a coffee with me first thing?

  6. Andrea: I love Vikki.
    Alison: But I found it!!

  7. I love the copycat idea and wish I had thought of it.



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