Saturday, November 22, 2014

Only One Reason to Hate Cleaning? I Have Eleven

Glass, and wood, and tile, so many surfaces, each one needing certain care.

I want to win the lottery so I can install a central spigot in my house that wets everything down and then I just run through and spray Mrs. Murphy's all-purpose cleaner over it all.

Nothing makes me swear under my breath more than cleaning. I've never liked doing it, I fight it and put it off and then the moment comes when sunlight pours in through the kitchen window and illuminates every smudge, grease smear, and spaghetti sauce splashed wall.

It's time to clean, (ahem- beyond time to clean) and this house went past the point of no return about a month ago. I have a friend who bounds out of bed on Saturday mornings with the energy of Elvis knowing his mama is making him banana peanut butter toast for breakfast when it's time for her to clean.

Not me. I have my reasons for dragging my feet when it comes to scrubbing the tubs and toilets. If you asked me why, I'd give you 11 of them:

1.) If people know who I am, it really doesn't matter what my house looks like.

2.) You are never done.

3.) It takes way too much time.

4.) It makes me forget how to smile.

5.) Some rooms are harder than others.

6.) It's so much easier to mess things up then clean it up.

7.) It never looks like I did anything even if I spent all day doing it.

8.) You find some little thing that your child made when he was in preschool, and then you're a heaping puddle of a mess right there in the middle of the closet floor.

9.) If you're old like I am, bending over and scrubbing is not as easy as the three seconds it takes to say that.

10.) You have to dust, clean, put away, wipe, mop, scrub, sweep. It's different little things that there are too many of.

11.) Getting a cleaning service is dumb because you end up until midnight cleaning for the people anyway.
As long as I'm alive, I'll be living in a house *knock on wood* and there is no way that I can ever fall in love with a bucket of warm soapy water and a sponge. The only solution I see is bribing my friend who loves to clean to be my neighbor. I think I'll send her some messp*rn pictures via email tonight. That should have her shivering in scrubbing anticipation and at my door by 8 a.m. tomorrow.
* * *

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  1. 4,6,11, Amen. I do it, every weekend, but I definitely skip rooms and resent every millisecond of it.

  2. I loathe cleaning too! Now granted, I DO enjoy seeing a clean house, I just hate the work it takes to get it! That is why I am a huge fan of lidded baskets! Shoving messes in them makes a room look much cleaner with half the work! ;)

  3. You are funny. But I agree with you. Cleaning is no fun, I agree, especially when dust,smudge, foot prints and tomato ketchup (to name a few) make their way back soon enough ;)
    Actually my whole attitude to cleaning changed when I got my dog. Her muddy paws look damn cute all over the floor, and beats cleaning any day. :D

  4. I am so glad we decided to get a housekeeper. Because 4 kids = mess!

  5. Shail Mohan: I Do NOT enjoy cleaning. But I know for peace of mind, it must be done.
    Alison: messes make me feel stress. I remind myself of that as motivation to clean.
    Brittany: baskets, The baskets are great to give a sense of order, aren't they?
    Diary: Oh, the stuff. This winter, I am going to get rid of a box a day. I have promised myself.



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