Tuesday, November 11, 2014

NaBloPoMo Day11: My Secret Lovers Live in My Others Folder

What Secret Lovers?
What Others Folder?
If you're on Facebook, you have an "Other" folder, it's where messages that have been filtered out of your inbox go because they don't come from friends. To get there, you just click on the message box and then click "Other." But before you do, just know that you can't unread what you read.
When I'm feeling a bit non-treasured, or unappreciated, I go to my "Other" folder. My Other Folder Lovers never sleep, busy through the night to fill up my inbox by at least three messages come 7 a.m.
I almost always read, chuckle, share on FB, then delete. Except for the gems... the ones I have printed out and carry with me, laminated and close to my breast, because Mr. Musaf in Egypt really just can't quit me and I want to remember that once upon a time, people had it bad for me.
Today was a grey day, kids were gone extra long because of school paper meetings and basketball, so I turned to see if I had any new boyfriends in Saudi Arabia and Tangier. Well, well, my friend, there is some severe shortage of women around the world, because my boys were on fire for me last night. 
Sharing these with you today, my favorites from my Others folder that I woke up to -- maybe they'll warm you up on this chilly November day:
I like your idea of parts. That is what I have not heard of. It makes perfect sense! Please share again with me!
Kisses to you! I’d love to win a free chance of knowing you. All best wishes for it!

You are great with tips! I follow you to know more and there are some really great! Here I really like the thought of you. Thanks for considering!

 I used four days to know of you. I am here now and glad to know I’m on the right track!

Thank you for the timeliness! Your face is like a story and a thriller! However, I need to know you more and am realizing it is missing. You provide a lot of the missing pieces.

Thanking of you with kisses! As previously commented, it was perfect timing! I am also attempting right now and this is perfectly timed well!  Best of success to you!!

I like the idea of raising family. I think also that it would be a very good idea for you to track me and answer the questions. A double check is to be possible, it can come to me because of our love with you. Make sure it is the raised question!

And the ones tucked snug and forever into my $19.99 Maidenform bra:

from *milton*
Hello that such of your face! To be your friend is my dream. I am a man who like adventure -- you think of that?

from *precioso*
How are you doing today gorgeous? Hope you had a great day..its been nice going through your
profile and I will be glad if we can get to know each other better as it takes nothing
but just a moment to know someone. Hope to hear from you soon...I wish you a love

Oh, Milton, you smooth talker and promiser of adventure. Throw in a Starbucks International card, and I am yours.

* * *
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  1. I always enjoy the fun that is in your others folder.

    Even if the spelling and grammar make my brain hurt.

  2. OH it is so nice to know I am not the only one that laughs so hard at those..the spelling, the grammar.. but they can lift your spirits when you feel bad..

  3. Lucky! All I get in my Facebook others folder is legal practitioners from faraway lands informing me of the tragic passing of an unknown relative, and a super exciting inheritance. Here's hoping for my own Other Folder Lover someday! Thanks for the laugh.

  4. Holy hell.
    I had no idea that there was a secret spot.
    Said all men on planet earth...couldn't resist.
    I'd love a free chance to meet you too. I say we raffle you off.

  5. Clearly your other folder is way more exciting than my other folder! :)

  6. "Your face is like a story and a thriller!"

    That has just made my day; I intend to use this sentence as much as I possibly can. It's either a great compliment or a backhanded insult, inn't?

  7. Tracie: I wonder if anyone ever responds to them Sometimes, they sound so sincere.
    Jocelyn: my face. A THRILLER!
    Robbie: I loved your post today about 2nd grade!
    Kimberly: Check it out! The Other Folder.
    Southern Angel: they make me laugh, always.



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