Thursday, November 6, 2014

NaBloPoMo Day6 - 10 New Cities!

For the past four years, I have been part of a national live storytelling series, Listen To Your Mother. Today, we kick off our 2015 season and we have added 10 new cities to the 29 returning cities. 39 cities and Milwaukee is proud to be one of them, returning for its 3rd season with LTYM!

I was part of the 2012 cast of Listen To Your Mother Madison, an experience that changed my life and made me decide to bring that same opportunity to others. So, in 2013, I went on to bring LTYM to Milwaukee, as producer/director along with Jen Gaskell and Rochelle Fritsch.

To know more about Listen To Your Mother, please watch the short video above. If you're intrigued, we have 1,000 videos of original stories on the LTYM youtube channel.

If there is a show near you, see it. If you have a show near you, audition for it! These shows are real, salt of the earth, let's get down and talk about it moments. (see list of 39 cities here)

You can't miss out on life like this, you know?

Happy 2015 Listen To Your Mother! To our new cities, WELCOME! And to the returning cities, it's good to be back in your company, friends.

Let's all break a leg! *watch here for updates on audition times, show dates, and each city's local charity/cause!

* * *
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  1. I miss my mother every day and it's been 13 years since she passed...even when we didn't get along I knew her wisdom was sage. Thank you for this....

  2. It's official. All I do, when it comes to you, is stand there, agape...either with wonder at your talent, awe at your heart, or surprise that you've just taught me about yet another thing I never knew existed.

  3. what a cool pictoral story of listen to your mother. a visibility cloak is a riot:)

  4. def cool that you have been able to be a part of this...what an experience as well...and of course you are a story teller...smiles.

  5. RocktheWrinkle! Thank you so much. I tried to find your blog but it's connected to your profile. I'd love to visit you and talk.
    Jocelyn: Twin Cities. AUDITION.
    Ed: so very nice to see you, Ed. Thank you.
    Brian: I love being part of a team that helps others tell their stories. Thank you.



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