Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Already Know - Baby E Post

The Winner of the Baby E mug, the truffles, and roasted hometown coffee

Hi. It's me. Baby E.

Today I finally get to post my stuff, and I want to talk about other stuff, but my mom says this is supposed to be the blog post about the Winner of the chocolate and coffee and the mug giveaway she did for Christmas 100 YEARS AGO--hello?? BUT my journal is bursting with stories. Cuz my mom is so behind with me.

I have to tell you about Christmas. And, oh, my friend came over yesterday and we made an underground snow fort. But my mom is bugging me NOW to tell you the winner of the Xmas chocolate.

I already know the winner of the contest we had here, because I picked them. My mom had a giveaway of chocolate and a mug of me and coffee. And today the winner of the mug of me and the candy is Number 7.

Number 7. My mom will tell you who that is now, right, mom?

I picked Number 7 because I used to be 7. And now I'm 8, but I picked Number 8 last time.

MOM:  "Well, we had about 60 people who wanted the mug of your mug, Baby E, but Hey, hey! Look who Number 7 is, Baby E, it's Mommy of a Monster. That sweet, sweet lady with the jail twins. You know, the ones who like to dump out the flour when she's on the phone? The ones who secretly whisper to each other on how to drive mom batty today? Poor thing, she needs this chocolate. And the mug to hold the coffee we'll be sending her. Poor thing..."

Mom! Everyone's a poor thing to you! I wanna talk about how I finally had a dream for the first time in my entire life. And I slept for the first time.

I don't sleep. No one believes me, but I say, "Then, if I sleep, how come my eyes are ALREADY OPEN, when I wake up?? Hello???"

It's cause I don't sleep. But, last night, I finally had a dream. A whole one. We watched a whole movie in it.  

For Christmas, I got some pretty cool See In The Dark goggles for me and my brother. We each have one so we can see in the dark. They are so cool. My mom has a picture, but she can't do it now. She's "busy" air quotes.

I ordered some books. I like to order books. I wish I had 50 dollars to order books.

When my mom says, "You want to order some books?" I'm all like POW! Book Orders! Score! Book Orders! Book Orders!

Just so everyone knows,  I like book orders!


Baby E

OK: so, Natalie, from MommyofaMonster, you are the truffle, Baby E mug, and special roasted here in our town coffee winner. Please email me your address, Nat. xo And, Nat? You know, I could really go for a WHOLE PAGE on your blog called TWINS. Just, think about me, for a change, hmmmm?

And, finally, we'll be sending out all the chocolate and coffee packages: Suzy Soro, it will be in the mail, wonderful lady, by Thursday morning.

Thanks to everyone who entered. I love giving away truffles, our town's best blend coffee, and the mug? With Baby E's face on it? Well, I can't wait till you get to see Baby E's face everyday....why should I be the only lucky one?


  1. You kind of can't argue with his I don't sleep logic. It makes pretty good sense.
    And I snort laughed when he sold you out for being behind. Don't you love it when kids do that?

  2. I am beside myself that I missed out on this giveaway. I don't even DO giveaways. But this? I would totally have done. Baby E - my almost seven year old doesn't sleep either. I told him about you. He is very interested in making your acquaintance. He would also like to play in the snow fort that you built. His have been caving in recently.

  3. it's been rigged! I call foul!!!!

    Okay, I just really wanted the mug.

    And the truffles. Sigh.

    congrats to Nat. I'm going to steal it from her when I see her at BlogHer.

  4. Natalie wins! Yay! Yay!

    Listen, Baby E, I have a little girl, well, she's not so little anymore, she's 16 now, but she sleeps with her eyes open! I'm not kidding you! And she has these enormous blue eyes, so it's really, really weird to walk in on her when she's sleeping and look at her eyes, which aren't focused on anything, since she's asleep. she's been this way since she was a baby.

    Also, I'm so glad you love to read. Reading is the best gift ever. It can take you to so many lands where you can meet so many characters.

    And one more thing, I live in Florida, but when I was a little girl I used to live in Chicago. I miss making snow forts so much.

  5. My son got see-in-the-dark Goggles for Christmas last year.

    They work incredibly well, even when you're out in the cold snow at 2 am in your neighbors bushes.

    Perhaps I've said too much.

  6. YAAAYYY!!!! I WIN!!!!! Thanks Baby E - you totally made my day!

    I feel the same way about book orders. I LOVE books.

  7. Baby E, you crack me up! Congrats Mommy of a Monster!

  8. Oh, the "busy" airquotes. Not cool.

  9. e,

    an underground snow fort...how cool is that...i remember building one when i has a boy and we had this huge snow...like over my head, no kidding.

    glad you like books too. i love books...and not to rub it in but i did get a 50 dollar book card and just ordered last night...cant wait until they get here...

    hope you have a great day!


  10. Maybe Baby E needs a pair of his own froggy boots...

  11. Baby e, that longing for $50 to spend on books never goes away.

    And your question on sleep? Is a good one.

  12. Book orders are the absolute best! My Baby E, also 8, is home sick today with the flu. But he's doubly sick because his Scholastic order is due today. Luckily, he has the best teacher who showed me how to do it online. Mama is the hero, if only for today.

    And lucky you to have enough snow for a cool fort. Dallas never has enough. Have fun!

  13. I'm "happy" air quotes that Natalie one, even if I didn't. And sweet about your goggles!

  14. Go Natalie!

    How did I mess this giveaway? Probably was plucking my eyebrows...

  15. Hey! I love book orders too! :) Congrats to the weener! :)

  16. Love Baby E.

    and book orders rock.

  17. Yay for books! Keep that imagination trucking!

  18. Love the air quotes, Baby E! And I really appreciate you explaining the whole not-sleeping thing because my 6yo swears the same thing.

  19. Baby E, you've inspired me!

    When my Small Boy is a little bigger, I'm giving him the forum every once in a while.

    Congrats on your first sleep - complete with a dream. Sounds like a good one!

  20. You and my son would be great friends. He uses air quotes all the time. His dad doesn't think it's very funny though.

    Congrats to Natalie!

  21. I used to be 7, too! Baby E and I have so much in common!

  22. An underground snow fort? I want one! Build me one too Baby E!

  23. Aw, Baby E, I so looked forward to winning. But that's how it goes. So? Congratulations to Nat!

  24. I would love to be in an underground snow fort right now. With a Baby E mug and some delicious truffles and coffee.....but alas, it wasn't meant to be me, Baby E.

    But Nat? She's quite deserving, seeing as she's getting The Business over at her place today.....

  25. I'm only slightly devastated that I won't be drinking my coffee in Baby E's head. Congrats to Natalie though! Tell me you're going to run this contest again sometime.

  26. Life is good in E-Land. A full dream. Sleep. Eight sleepless years. Sure hope that dream was a doozy.

    Go Nat, grumble grumble grumble blah blah blah.

  27. Congrats to the winner!

    Baby E, I'm sooo glad you had a dream. I love dreaming. It really is like a movie.

  28. The boy who never sleeps! I'm amazed no one believes you Baby E.

  29. I am so sad I missed the giveaway too! Oh well. Natalie definitely deserves the swag! She's got her hands full.


  30. My 4 1/2 year old SWEARS he does not sleep. Ever. He's adamant. Love that Baby E is in the same delusional camp. :) So cute!

  31. Baby E, how I love your posts! I picture my son saying these same things in a few years!

    Bummed that I missed out on the mug and chocolate but looks like it will be going to good use over with Natalie:)

  32. "I picked Number 7 because I used to be 7. And now I'm 8, but I picked Number 8 last time."

    Love it! Baby E is a genius, indeed!

  33. DANG it. I just really was hoping for math tutoring. As a consolation prize.
    I suck at these contests.

  34. Good to hear from you again, Baby E, and that is so cool that you've got a journal, and one bursting with stories at that! I also love that you love books. Before long, I think you'll need to get your own blog. :-)

    Hope I get better luck next time with the truffles and what not - you need to pick something in the high numbers (like *my* age for instance), because I'm always late swinging by....

  35. FANTASTIC use of air quotes Baby E! And I'm jealous of your snow fort.

  36. Yes I suppose Mommy of a Monster deserves them cuz my kids are, like, so angelic. :-)

    Oh well Baby E. Number 7 was the obvious choice.

  37. I'm jealous, but if anyone deserves to win it's Natalie. And me, of course. Next time I obviously need to be the 9th commenter.

    Ears being open when you wake up - you're such a thinker, Baby E. Of course! It's so logical! Our ears ARE open! I mean, I don't sleep anyways, so my ears are always open.



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